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If you are thinking of starting a sporting activity, in this post you will find 5 reasons to practice surfing. Because it is more than a sport. It is a lifestyle that unites man and nature.

5 reasons to practice surfing

Surfing is a sports discipline, it is an activity that implies dedication, consistency, aptitude and skill. Surfing is a sport for free-spirited and adventurous people. Like all physical activity, it requires training and preparation, but also personality and attitude.

More than training your body, either starting in a Surfcamp near your home, or a surf school that has been recommended to you.

Surfing brings benefits to the mind and soul. What are you waiting for to start as a surfer?

5 reasons to practice surfing

1. It does not require more structure or equipment: Only your board and the sea.

5 reasons to practice surfing

It does not require a physical installation or equipment to be able to practice it, you only need a good surfboard, a good pack of healtly snacks, suitable clothing, love of the sea, and you are ready!.

The ideal in this case is that if you do not know anything about surfing, and you want help, you go to a good surf school.

Here you will find professionals and friends who will teach you everything you need.

2. You train the whole body: Integral Sport


Surfing requires training that enables your whole body to perform at its best in the sea. From leg strength, core resistance to strengthened arms and shoulders.

Every part of your body is activated in every surf session. The senses of balance, agility, and sharpness are set in motion alongside the muscles.

Also, if you combine surfing and yoga, you get a perfect combination of mind and body.

3. It is perfect as a complementary therapy

You also read it, various studies endorsed by the International Surfing Asociation, point out the benefits of surfing as a complementary therapy against problems such as anxiety, depression, autism, among others.

4. Improve patience: small goals

Like any activity that involves physical skills, surfing leads to reaching small goals on the learning path: From learning to balance on the board, improving agility when riding a wave to developing lung capabilities and more.

Small goals that are achieved with dedication, constant practice and patience.

5. Man and Nature: One Being

Being an outdoor sport, it allows you to come into full contact with the natural environment, in this case at sea. You literally immerse yourself in a new space and integrate into it.

Many of the best surf beaches are paradisiacal destinations, so their beauty is unique and unmatched.

You learn to live there, to respect and take care of that new environment. You become one with the sea.

These are 5 reasons to practice surfing that we hope will help you decide on this beautiful sport. See you in the waves!


If you surf regularly, you already know the effects of the sun and salt water on your hair. Hair care for surfers is of utmost importance as well as skin care. In this way, we will be healthy while we go to Surfcamp for a good wave session.

Many times you have heard the famous: “I would like a surfer style hair”. This is due to the wear caused by salt water and continuous sun exposure on the capillary melanin.

In this post we are going to share 4 hair care products for surfers. They will help you prevent dryness, fragility and other problems related to the sea:

1. Sun Bum Revitalizing 3 in 1 Hair Conditioner

4 products hair care for surfers

With its enriched formula that contains coconut oil, banana, and pulp, sunflower seed oil and quinoa protein. This natural ingredients combined helps detangle, condition, and protect even the most damaged locks.

Its suitable for both kids and adults. The special vegan blend helps restore moisture, repair damage, reduce tangles, and slow color fading.

Also it is gluten, cruelty, and paraben-free, so adds an extra to this amazing product.

2. Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray

Best products for hair care for surfers

This second product has the wonderful qualities of Argan oil, Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray is a perfect conditioner for those who want to return the shine and softness to their hair after a surf session.

This product has the ArganID- microencapsulated technlogie. A treatment that ensures that each Argan particle penetrates the cuticle and protects your hair from within.

The quality of this product is that it helps reduce and avoid the bleaching effects of salt water and the sun on the hair.

At the same time, it improves its elasticity, reduces frizz, protects the scalp and its aroma is wonderful.

3. Color WOW dream coat supernatural Spray

This is perhaps one of the best hair protectors you can find. It has a polymer technology that when activated with heat, covers the hair with an anti-water film. Keeping it silky and perfect.

This protective layer lasts 72 hours, preventing frizz, without adding a heavy or greasy texture to the hair. This product keeps the moisture inside your hair, its exterior will look silky and soft.

An extra is that it is designed for colored hair, so you do not have to worry about entering the water with your colored hair. It will not change the color. It will protect you from those unwanted changes.

4. Freeze IT NATURALS 12-in-ONE Argan Oil Leave-In treatments


This last product is infused with natural Argan and Abyssinian oil that protects against UV radiation and heat while helps with detangling and frizz.

Another wonderful product that contains Argan oil, with its well-known qualities that revitalize and protect both the scalp and each hair fiber.

This product also takes advantage of keratin protein that maintains the hair’s shiny, silky, and soft feel. While the Abyssinian oil protects from the heat, Argan oil provides the regeneration factor.


These 4 products complement a good skin care routine and a good diet. Surfing as an outdoor sport requires measures to keep us healthy and looking healthy.

The effects of overexposure to the sun are widelyknown and if we add constant contact with sea salt,we obtain a perfect combination that can damage the appearance of our skin and hair.



Now that you know these 4 products, it is time to start using them and show off great hair.


Sunscreens for surfers are products that are gaining more relevance every day in terms of skin care and personal care when practicing water sports. Products designed to withstand sea conditions while protecting us from the incidence of UV rays.


According to studies, surfers are 3 times more likely to develop melanomas from sun exposure than a non-surfer.

We have made a list of the 4 best sunscreens for surfers that you can find this 2021, brands with excellent quality products, ecological and designed for us, we are always in search of good waves. Take note!

Sunscreens for surfers:

Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sunscreen

4 best sunscreens for surfers

The first of our 4 best sunscreens for surfers is this one from Suntribe. Its best component indicates it in the name: Zinc. It has great properties for the protection of our skin.

This sunscreen in particular contains such small particles of zinc that there will be no problems when absorbing it into the skin, so you don’t have to worry about possible rashes or irritations.

This product offers a somewhat low SPF protection of 30. However, by applying it several times during the day you can be calm. In addition, this product is 100% eco friendly. all its ingredients are natural and do not pollute the waters of the seas.

Fuka Eri

4 best sunscreens for surfers

Fuka Eri is developed by surfers who lived in the wave mecca that is Bali. This product is void of chemical ingredients. Among its ingredients, jojoba seeds, parkii butter and cocoa stand out.

This product is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It offers 50 SPF protection, which is perfect. It is one of the best options to choose from. A point “against” is the color that stops after being applied. Not everyone likes it.

Sun Bum Original Sunscreen Face Stick SPF30

4 best sunscreens for surfers

This product offers a chemical-based alternative to surfers who suffer from oily skin and acne. Its ingredients are less heavy on the pores.

As its name indicates, it contains Zinc, it also contains Avobenzone and Octisalate, which together make up 7% of its formula. These components have active qualities that protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Its other ingredients include: Vitamin E, Aloe and Beeswax. Which are incredible skin regenerators. Furthermore this product is also eco friendly and cruelty free.

Aloha Sun Stick SPF 50+


This is perhaps the best of our recommendations. Alhoa Sun Stick SPF 50+ offers two wonderful qualities to protect the skin while surfing: non-nano zinc and titanium dioxide.

Not to mention that it offers 50+ protection. What makes it the best option of our count in terms of sun protection. Its components include oxybenzone, OD-PABA, and 3-Benzylidene camphor chemtrails (6% of the total) compared to the remaining 94% composed of natural mineral ingredients.

These 4 sunscreens for surfers collect a series of ingredients with wonderful qualities for the benefit of our skin. Surfers are constantly exposed to UV and UVB rays and we need to have the best sunscreen on hand. Remember, you must complement this with a good skin care routine. So you are ready to go to the Surfcamp. And enjoy a nice surf session in a beautiful beach with your skin protected with one of our Sunscreens selections.


Are you planning a surf trip and want to be fully prepared for it?. We want to share with you some important tips on how to get physically perfect for our surf destination.

Many times when we are planning a surf retreat, we look for information about our surf destination, be it a hotel in Nicaragua or a beach in Australia. We seek to know the type of waves, and other details, but we leave aside perhaps the most important aspect. Our current physical condition (And even more being in quarantine).

how to get physically preparde for surf retreat nicaragua

The amount of preparation is up to you and depends on your current fitness level and your goals for the surf retreat. Many people who travel to surfing destinations expect to spend more than 4 hours in the waves, because at home they may not have such good waves. For this it is important that we are in a physical condition that allows us to perform in our surfing session.

Surfing or Swimming

How to get physically prepared for surf retreat at nicaragua

The best way to  get physically prepared for a surf trip is… surf !, although it sounds pretty obvious. You may do workouts in the gym every day, or run, or bike. But it is not the same as surfing (In terms of training). An important part of surfing is paddling. Even if the waves at home are not good, simply going out to row will train the muscles necessary to always be in condition.

Swimming is one of the fundamental parts of surfing, ideally you should practice between 4 and 6 times a week. A swimming session in the nearby pool that lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, will work all the muscles of your body, your lung capacity and will improve your condition remarkably.

Yoga: One of the surfer’s best companions

how to get physically prepared for surf yoga

Mobility is essential for the surfer, it depends on both performance and avoiding injuries. Stretching poses that focus on the back, shoulder, arm, hamstring, and hips are usually the best. Because they are the ones we use the most when surfing. The benefits of Yoga in surfing range from the physical aspect, but also provide improvements to our mental and spiritual state.

Cardio & Training: Basic exercises

cardio in how to get physically prepared for surf retreat nicaragua

Another way to get physically ready for surf from home is a workout routine that covers the basic exercises (sit-ups, squats, push-ups, etc). These exercises will help you build endurance and strength in the core, arms, legs, shoulders, etc. Training these muscle groups will help you catch more waves and surf for longer sessions. Affection is essential for any sport or person who practices a specialty, from hiking, biking to climbing stairs.

Good nutrition: The best way to be healthy


Healthy eating is essential in the life of any person, especially if you dedicate yourself to any physical activity, in this case Surfing. From consuming more protein products, reducing sugar and processed foods, to achieving a balance between the food groups. Everything is important when it comes to eating healthy.

Both before and during the surf session, it is important to have on hand the best healthy snacks for surfers. Many you can prepare yourself!

These are some of the basic tips that can help you to be in good physical condition and prepared for the surf retreat you have planned. Nicaragua is a paradise for surfing and you should know it.

surf retreat surfcanmp nicaragua


If you are plannig a Surftrip to Nicaragua, you must know a little more about this beautiful country, specially if you are looking for perfect spots for surfing. We want to share with you the five most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, so prepare everything for your next coming.

One of the most important things about the Surftrips to Nicaragua, is the posibility to find a perfect Surfcamp , where you can get and learn more about surf with help of experts. 

Five most beautiful beaches in nicaragua

The benefits of surfing in Nicaragua are undeniable. Practically perfect conditions throughout the year, in a wave paradise located in an enviable point in Central America. Limiting to the west with the Pacific Ocean and to the east with the Caribbean Sea. 

Along its beaches, it is possible to find waves for all types of surfers and winds that blow for much of the day. According to the Nicaraguan newspaper El Nuevo Diario: Popoyo, Colorado, Aposentillo, Maderas and Jiquiliste are some of the best surf destinations in the country. 

So, let’s get to know the 5 best beaches for you who are looking for good surf:

Jiquiliste Beach, Rivas


Located in Tola, Rivas, The Jiquiliste wave, also known as Santana Beach, is a beach break consisting of three main peaks that flip right and left over at high tide. Offers placid waters that oscillate between 24 and 33 degrees Celsius. The Best Time its between March to June. 

Popoyo, Rivas

five most beautiful beaches in nicaragua popoya

It is located in Tola department of Rivas and is currently considered one of the best places in the world to surf, here you can find perfect waves for a wonderful surf session. The best time to surf Popoyo, is from April to October, when waves are more consistent and sizable while winds drop almost dead.

Maderas Beach, Rivas


Maderas is probably the busiest surf spot in Nicaragua (Popoyo is in second place). While it is easy to get waves here, it is unlikely that you will be able to surf by yourself. On the busiest day, you can find more than 30 surfers. It is one of the most visited spots.

The surf is an average 3-6 ft most days. With a few 10-12ft days in-between. The tides in Playa Maderas does impact the surf conditions.

Aposentillo, Chinandega

Aposentillo best beach to surf nicaragua
Aposentillo Beach

Located in the West of Nicaragua, north of Chinandega, due to the noise caused by its waves when breaking, this beach is known as “El Boom”. Due to its location, north of Chinandega, there are fewer people who visit it, so the surfer can concentrate more on practicing and perfecting their technique. 

Our incredible Resort is located in Aposentillo, we have privileged beaches and a SurfCamp that you should know.

Colorado Beach, Rivas

Five most beautiful beaches in nicaragua surf

Playa Colorado is a powerful and barreling short A-frame river mouth/beach break. Colorados is considered one of the best and most consistent surf spots in Nicaragua. Consistency is year-round with the greatest conditions from late April/May— when the rainy season causes the river mouth to open— through September.

Playa Colorado is a private beach, and can only be accessed by staying in the community of Hacienda Iguana or by boat drop in.

You already know the Five most beautiful beaches for good surfing in Nicaragua. Do you need more to decide and come?.


Many people when hearing about snacks imagine processed foods, rich in flour and sugar, the usual “junk food“. And we will share in this post several ideas rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that will nourish your body and that are perfect for a wonderful surf session. So take note about the best Snacks for surfing.

Best Snacks for surfing

Some quality snacks can be of great help to keep fit, maintain high energy levels (which is perfect for us), and help us stay healthy. Most of these can easily be thrown into a cooler for a post-surf snack.

First of all, we must answer the following question:

What should we look for in a good snack?

  • Quality Protein: High-quality proteins are those that contain the appropriate number of essential amino acids: Peanuts, shrimp, soy, milk, salmon, chicken or turkey breast, oatmeal. Among others.
  • The ingredients: We must know what are the ingredients of the products that we can get in the market. If they are processed, refined, if they contain colorants, etc.

When we are in our surfing session at the surfresort, enjoying the sea, we must have our snacks on hand to replenish the energy we spend on each wave.

Here is our list with the best ideas for surfing snacks


Beef Jerky: Rich in Omega 3


Equine meat is one of the healthiest because it has omega 3 fats, healthy fats that are not common in other meats.

Vegetables and Avocado: Perfect Combination


You can combine various vegetables and incorporate the avocado, which will provide you with energy and healthy fats.

Greek Yogurt and Fruits: The Best bowl

Yogurt has a much higher amount of protein than milk. Your body uses protein to build: bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, hair and blood. Protein is also one of the three nutrients that provide energy. You can make a bowl with yogurt and add some fruits or cereal. Keep it in a cooler.

Homemade Protein Bars: Your own recipe


Another good idea is to make your own protein bars, there are many easy recipes on the internet, with organic products that is the most important. Another favorable point is that you will consume a product that is not processed and is free of treatments.

Cheese and fruit: Protein and Energy

Best Snacks for surfing
Another easy bowl to do is the Cheese and fruit combo, chesse offers decent amount of protein and fruits offers energy and water. Use Parmesean or Cottage cheese, they are the most clean cheeses. This bowl combines good fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

These are some ideas about the best snacks for surfing that you should consider when organizing your beach day. Simple ideas, easy to do and above all: Healthy. Now you know a little more about healthy snacks, incorporate them into your surf routine and your body will appreciate it.

Surf trip to Nicaragua

Nicaragua as a surf trip destination is booming. A hidden treasure in Central America due to its ideal wind conditions throughout the year, a huge variety of beaches and waves, and the best, an accessible and ideal option if you are looking for new adventures.

For a surf trip through Nicaragua, the best season is from March to November, which is when consistent waves arrive from the south. November is the ideal month, thanks to its perfect weather, intense waves and fewer visitors.

There are many reasons for choosing this Latin country as a perfect new spot for excellent surfing and tourism sessions. Here we share 6 reasons for you to choose it as your next surf trip:

Nicaragua surf trip destination

Caribbean Wind: All year long

Nicaragua  as a surf trip destination is known as a beginner surfers’ playground too,  due to its topography and a meteorological phenomenon known as “the lake effect”, which essentially ensures the country’s wave-rich Pacific coastline is treated to offshore winds for a whopping 300 plus days of the year.

Beach Breaks: Rest Areas for Surf

Nicaragua rest areas surf trip destination

In Nicaragua, you can find wide beach breaks on many of the beaches. Rest areas where you can relax and surf quietly. Many beaches also have totally reliable wave break spots on tap.

Nicaragua has very warm water almost all year


With warm water all year long in Central and Northern Nicaragua and about 9 months a year  in Southern Nicaragua (January-March gets a bit colder in the south of Nicaragua due to stronger winds pushing the warm layer of water out to sea- a 1mm or 2mm top is advised).

You can get cheap food: A Good deal

Since the economy is still in an early stage, you can find cheap deals, mostly on food, that will cost you half of what you would spend in other Central American countries. From lobster to others dishes, food is very accesible and delicious, the Nicaragua gastronomy is spectacular.

The people of Nicaragua : Genuine and friendly

Nicaragua as a surf trip destinationm best choice

Nicaraguayans are still very friendly and welcoming and they are happy to meet strangers from other countries. Furthermore, the culture that this country offers us is rich in multiple expressions. You will live unique experiences.

SurfCamps and SurfResorts: A wonderful Experience

As a tourist destination, Nicaragua offers incredible options for hotels and surfcamps that will give you a wonderful experience, in addition to being able to have surf training from experts.

Have you already decided to come and live the experience?


In this article we share 6 Tips to take care of your skin before, during and after a good wave session. Being surfers or practicing any other aquatic discipline such as Windsurfing, Kitesurfing or Bodyboarding, among others, we know the pleasure that a day of high waves and good wind in the sea produces. However, that freedom also exposes us to many hours in the sun and salt water, factors that, if we do not take foresight, can affect the state of our skin. Take note of these 6 tips that every surfer should know:

Wear broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen


6 tips to skin care surfers

In the first place, the broad spectrum sunscreen stands out (that is, it covers both UVA and UVB rays), it must also be SPF 50+. By spending so many hours at sea, we expose ourselves to the mirror effect (which also increases solar radiation), therefore, if you do not protect the skin adequately, you can suffer from severe burns.

Lips and hands: They also need protection


Generally we protect only the skin of our face, leaving aside 2 equally important parts: The lips and hands, never forget the lipstick with sunscreen (since they can easily burn or irritate by sea water). On the other hand, the skin of the hands is prone to the appearance of sun spots. You must apply the sunscreen SPF 50+.

Avoid the hours of greatest solar incidence


best hour to surf protect your skin

 hours of greatest intensity of solar radiation are between 11am and 5pm. The ideal would be to take the corresponding precaution to use sunscreen (and touch it up every 3 hours). Since in these hours it is when more harmful effects generates the solar radiation on the dermis.

On the other hand, do not trust yourself if it is not too sunny or the day is cloudy, you can still burn yourself.

Irritations: Say goodbye to friction


It is usual that in the practice of water sports, the skin suffers from irritation due to friction, and sea salt aggravates this situation. Use petroleum jelly in the neck or armpit areas, in this way you avoid rubbing and damage to the dermis.

Shower when leaving the water: Required


6 tips to take care skin surf

This is important, even if you go to make a technical stop, take a bath to eliminate the salt from the skin, since if you do not do it, when drying, the dermis will start to itch, which increases the possibility of irritation and friction burns.

Hydration of the skin: Essential

the shower, comes the most important step in the After Surf: Deeply hydrate the skin. Which will help you fight skin dryness, leaving your skin soft. Opt for a non-greasy and non-comedogenic product (does not cause acne).

If you follow each of the 6 tips to take care of the skin that we have listed for you, you will be able to go calmly to your session in the Surfcamp to enjoy a good day of waves.


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