Fashion for surfing: Where does the fashion for wanting to be or look like a surfer come from?


Fashion for surfing: Where does the fashion for wanting to be or look like a surfer come from?

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The fashion for surfing is a social phenomenon that has been around for many years. The presence of this lifestyle in our daily life is becoming more and more frequent. Learn more!

From Las Dunas Surf Resort this week we bring you a post related to a particular topic. And the fact is that we all have wanted to be a surfer, either by a movie, a series or a video game. Where does this fashion of wanting to be a surfer come from?

Fashion for surfing:

Surfing lifestyle Philosophy

Before, we want to clarify that surfing is more than a century-old way of understanding life, it is not just a sport, it is a practice in conjunction with nature, which reminds us that we can never tame it, but that together we live in equality.

And the fact is that there is no exact date that marks the beginning of surfing, we handle simple specifications. The first known references take us to Polynesia 500 years ago. At a similar date there is evidence that the Peruvian Indians rode the waves on boats made of stems and leaves.

Some history:

The Spanish missionary Jose de Acosta, in his chronicles assured that the young Peruvian natives performed: “a thing of great recreation“, as if they were “Tritons or neptunes that paint on the water“. That thing of great recreation is surfing, in its most primitive form.

James Cook also witnessed in 1778 how the natives of the Hawaiian coasts rode the waves for fun. It captivated them so much that even they were encouraged to do it. And it is that the purpose of surfing was never for fishing or displacement. It was for fun, adrenaline and adventure.

Surfer philosophy:

The main factor of the surfer philosophy is to create the illusion of defying the laws of physics. To move on the water, to challenge the waves, to feel part of the sea and at the same time another sea creature.

Natural adventure, the union of man and that indomitable figure of nature. The desire to ride a more challenging wave and come out of it victorious. Therein, lies the thrilling spark why everyone desires to surf.

Surfing at Sunset. Young Man Riding Wave at Sunset. Outdoor Active Lifestyle.

Surfing in popular culture: Fashion for Surfing

And it is that society has created around surfing a paradisiacal world: thinking about it transports us to paradisiacal beaches, sunny places full of waves and palm trees. Spectacular boards surfing the sea and surfers with that relaxed and calm vibe.

Popular culture in television, cartoons, movies and magazines has created a cultural image of surfing: beach, pastel colors, tanned skin, golden hair by the sun and effortless clothes. And around it has created a whole universe of scents, decoration, music and art.

Surf spots: Part of history

In turn, in various parts of the world there are several locations that have become famous and therefore meeting places for surfers because they have seen the practice of surfing grow in them. From the Californian icon to the beaches of Australia. There are many destinations that have become a reference point for surfing.

Surf retreats

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