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Eco-friendly surf brands are not just another trend. It is not someone’s invention to sell a product. They are a need that is growing and that you must know.

Did you know that from your wetsuit, the wax you put on your board to the sunscreen to protect your skin, they are made with polluting materials? Very rarely do we stop to think about our impact on the environment, especially when surfing requires a natural environment to develop.

Luckily, more and more surfers and brands are turning to eco-friendly products, in order to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Do you want an idea of ​​the environmental impact that we leave while surfing? Here is a small summary: Continue reading


Caring for your surfboard after these 7 tips will seem easy and essential. Because it is, however, sometimes we neglect basic aspects that accumulate over time.

As surfers, we know the importance of having our equipment in perfect condition, this is more than something aesthetic. It is a necessity, as we are in constant contact with salt water and strong sun exposure.

Just as we take care of our skin from environmental factors, we must take care of our fundamental piece, the board.

Here are 7 tips you should start applying. Continue reading

Surf for the first time

Planning a surf trip to Nicaragua is something that every surfer needs to do at least once in its life. Nicaragua offers very beautiful landscapes, incredible beaches and a characteristic hospitality that will make you want to return many more times.

For this, and many more reasons, we have decided to make this post to help you plan a surf retreat to one of the coolest spots for surfers in the world. Continue reading


As surfers, we must opt ​​for Surf-Friendly airlines when planning our surf trips around the world. It is necessary that both our team and we travel safely to our wave destination.

Many of the current companies have a specific section for surfboards, differentiating them from the rest of the “special sports luggage” (Bicycles, skis, golf equipment, etc).

Travel with surfboard Nicaragua

This is why many companies charge special rates for boards, whether for journeys, weight, etc. While others allow them totally free.

In this post we share with you some companies and their rate systems. Important aspect when wishing to travel to that dreamed Surf Hotel. Take note! Continue reading

Ecological surf brands

If you are thinking of starting a sporting activity, in this post you will find 5 reasons to practice surfing. Because it is more than a sport. It is a lifestyle that unites man and nature.

5 reasons to practice surfing

Surfing is a sports discipline, it is an activity that implies dedication, consistency, aptitude and skill. Surfing is a sport for free-spirited and adventurous people. Like all physical activity, it requires training and preparation, but also personality and attitude.

More than training your body, either starting in a Surfcamp near your home, or a surf school that has been recommended to you.

Surfing brings benefits to the mind and soul. What are you waiting for to start as a surfer? Continue reading


If you surf regularly, you already know the effects of the sun and salt water on your hair. Hair care for surfers is of utmost importance as well as skin care. In this way, we will be healthy while we go to Surfcamp for a good wave session.

Many times you have heard the famous: “I would like a surfer style hair”. This is due to the wear caused by salt water and continuous sun exposure on the capillary melanin.

In this post we are going to share 4 hair care products for surfers. They will help you prevent dryness, fragility and other problems related to the sea: Continue reading


Sunscreens for surfers are products that are gaining more relevance every day in terms of skin care and personal care when practicing water sports. Products designed to withstand sea conditions while protecting us from the incidence of UV rays.


According to studies, surfers are 3 times more likely to develop melanomas from sun exposure than a non-surfer.

We have made a list of the 4 best sunscreens for surfers that you can find this 2021, brands with excellent quality products, ecological and designed for us, we are always in search of good waves. Take note! Continue reading


Are you planning a surf trip and want to be fully prepared for it?. We want to share with you some important tips on how to get physically perfect for our surf destination.

Many times when we are planning a surf retreat, we look for information about our surf destination, be it a hotel in Nicaragua or a beach in Australia. We seek to know the type of waves, and other details, but we leave aside perhaps the most important aspect. Our current physical condition (And even more being in quarantine).

how to get physically preparde for surf retreat nicaragua

The amount of preparation is up to you and depends on your current fitness level and your goals for the surf retreat. Many people who travel to surfing destinations expect to spend more than 4 hours in the waves, because at home they may not have such good waves. For this it is important that we are in a physical condition that allows us to perform in our surfing session.

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Second hand surfboard

If you are plannig a Surftrip to Nicaragua, you must know a little more about this beautiful country, specially if you are looking for perfect spots for surfing. We want to share with you the five most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, so prepare everything for your next coming.

One of the most important things about the Surftrips to Nicaragua, is the posibility to find a perfect Surfcamp , where you can get and learn more about surf with help of experts. 

Five most beautiful beaches in nicaragua

The benefits of surfing in Nicaragua are undeniable. Practically perfect conditions throughout the year, in a wave paradise located in an enviable point in Central America. Limiting to the west with the Pacific Ocean and to the east with the Caribbean Sea. 

Along its beaches, it is possible to find waves for all types of surfers and winds that blow for much of the day. According to the Nicaraguan newspaper El Nuevo Diario: Popoyo, Colorado, Aposentillo, Maderas and Jiquiliste are some of the best surf destinations in the country. 

So, let’s get to know the 5 best beaches for you who are looking for good surf: Continue reading