Tips to repair your surfboard: Basic tips that you should know.


Tips to repair your surfboard: Basic tips that you should know.

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In this post we shared a few tips to repair your surfboard, this theme is very important for us, as a surfers we need to know what to do in those cases.

Tips to repair your surfboard

The perfect surfing days have arrived, the season of big swells, the ideal swell.

You go to your favorite spot or you are in a wonderful Surf resort, and in the middle of your surfing session, you hit the board.

Tips to repair your surfboard
Solarez Product for repair your surfboard.

A small fracture. Nothing happens, here we share some Tips to repair your surfboard: Basic tips that every surfer needs to know.

Accidents often happen, both in the surfcamp while we learn or as a more advanced surfer on any beach, all surfers have gone through this:

Hitting against a rock or another partner until some part of our board is damaged.

This post is perfect for you since these tips will get you out of trouble, in simple situations that you can solve yourself.

Tips to repair your surfboard

Table: The importance of the material

The main thing is to know what material our table is made of, whether it is Epoxy or Polyester.

Depending on the type of component we must use one or the other material to make its repair something easy and with an excellent finish.

Epoxy or polyester

Remember: Used chemical reagents can cause irreversible damage to our table if the wrong material is used.

What material to use for the boards?

All surfers know the Solarez brand, one of the best in the field, let’s do an example: Suppose you made a crack in your board, well, if it is made of Epoxy:

You must use the Epoxy ECONO Combo Kit. (A kit perfect to have everything at hand, its characteristic color is blue).

However, if your board is made of Polyester, you should use the Polyester Sticky-Bumps ECONO Kit (Complete kit, its distinctive color is yellow.)

Repair: How to start?

You already have the necessary materials to fix that crack, let’s go then: The first thing you should do to repair your board is to make sure you dry it properly.

Tips to repair your surfboard

There should be no traces of water or any other material inside the crack. Ideally, leave it in the sun for several minutes or give it with a hair dryer.

When it is completely dry, you should sand or cut the areas where fibers or other damage from the blow protrude, so that the chemical component can be applied cleanly so that the same grip without problems and we can expand it correctly and precisely.

Once the product has been applied, wrap it in cling film tape or other material to prevent the resin from spilling from the touch.

You must be very careful here because if you apply more resin, when drying it will be more difficult to sand and therefore you will not be able to remove it in many cases.

When the repair carried out is safe (Product applied, film tape in the area, without excess), place the board in the sun for about 10-15 minutes, time that will make the product react, hardening the restored area.

After this, verify that it is completely solid and proceed to sand the affected parts so that it is as uniform and smooth as possible.

Another great tip: Use a few drops of colored pigment in the resin of the same or similar tone as the table. Otherwise it will be a translucent bluish product.

The idea is that it is not noticed (Or it is noticed as little as possible).

If it is something more complex:

Faced with a more complex situation or a blow that requires more special attention, we recommend that you go to a professional repair shop or go to a shaper who is in charge of repairing boards.

It will be much better than making a disaster that in many cases can be irreversible.

We hope these tips help you in case to have any situation with your surfboard, remember that is very important to visit experts if the damage is significant.