Tips for ecological surfers: 6 habits you should adopt to take care of the environment


Tips for ecological surfers: 6 habits you should adopt to take care of the environment

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These 6 tips for ecological surfers will help you reduce the impact of practicing our beautiful sport. And it is that although it may not seem like it, in each surf session, we leave a mark in the sea and on the beaches.

Today , society is moving more and more towards eco-friendly development, in all areas. In our case, from the brands of sunscreen to the suits we use. We are increasingly aware of our impact on the environment.

Surfing does not escape it, it is a sport that involves contact with nature, and that is why we have decided to share with you 6 tips that will make you a more eco-friendly surfer.

Tips for ecological surfers

1. Opt for sustainable brands

It sounds obvious, but 1st place is occupied by using brands whose production process is as eco-friendly as possible. There are brands specialized in surfing whose products are totally ecological.

Tips for ecological surfers

From the neoprene that we use to the products to take care of our board, always choose to consume products that do not impact the environment so much.

2. If you go on a picnic, don’t buy processed products.

And how does this make me more eco-friendly?, because each canned product carries a polluting production behind it. And the cans are often thrown in the sand on the beaches.

Best Snacks for surfing

The idea is that you prepare your own snacks, which in addition to being healthier and more beneficial, you will not contribute with the garbage in the beach areas.

3. Transportation to the ideal spot

Whether you are on one of the beautiful beaches in Nicaragua or on a beach in Spain, choose to walk or cycle (if possible, of course) to the surf spot.

Of course, if there is too much distance, a suitable vehicle is ideal. But whenever you can, walk. This way you will know your beach destination better!

4. Plan your surf retreat in advance

The 4th advice for ecological surfers is based on the good planning of the surf retreats, since this way you will be able to cover your requirements in the best way.

Tips for ecological surfers

The hotels will be in charge of offering you a complete and quality service, therefore, there will be no food waste, unnecessary transportation costs and more.

Which translates into less environmental pollution on our trip.

5. Get rid of the broken table correctly

Currently there are boards of many materials, from wood, epoxy, polyester, among others. Wood being the most ecological, because it degrades naturally.

That is why it is important that if you are going to get rid of your broken board, you do it correctly.

Use your creativity and reuse the pieces! (To be possible).

6. Never throw the broken wetsuit into the sea.

The plastic that makes up our wetsuits is one of the most polluting that there is, therefore, if it suffers a break or tear: Do not throw it into the sea! Put it in the appropriate trash to be recycled.

And now that you know these 6 tips, we hope you turn them into habits and that we, among all surfers, can take care of our beaches to continue enjoying the sea and the waves.