5 Common Mistakes A Beginning Surfer Should Avoid


5 Common Mistakes A Beginning Surfer Should Avoid

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If you are a beginning Surfer, you need to read this post. We talk a about 5 common mistakes that you should avoid.

When you are a beginner surfer there are a number of common mistakes that are easy to avoid if you first read this guide that we made with you in mind.

They are errors that often occur due to bad information and that affect our development and enjoyment in surfing.

Although they are typical beginner mistakes, many surfers who have been around for years sometimes make them too.

So take a pencil and paper and write down:

Beginning Surfer: Common Mistakes

1. Using the wrong surfboard: The most important decision

The main mistake that a beginner surfer makes is to choose the wrong surfboard, but how do I know which one is the right one for me?.

how to get physically prepared for surf yoga
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It is very simple: boards with more volume and surface, since they are more stable, and therefore, more easy to control, as well as offering a greater ability to paddle and drag in the waves.

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2. Demanding yourself too much at first: Not being aware of your level

This is another of the common mistakes that a beginner surfer should avoid: Not knowing their level of resistance and fitness.

Since this means putting themselves or other surfers in danger.

Don’t demand more of your performance level. Time is what is left to learn in any surf course near your home.

3. Warm up and stretch before surfing ?: Without fail

Surfing, like any other sport, requires that we be in good physical condition, not to mention that before jumping into the sea, we must always warm up previously and stretch all the joints, in this way we will avoid cramps, and we will be prepared for a good surfing session.

Beginning Surfer: Common Mistakes

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4. Rules of behavior: Be a good athlete

Indeed, surfing has its own rules and regulations that every surfer (Beginner or not) must know and apply, to make this practice something enjoyable and without inconvenience.

Since many times their ignorance leads to problems among surfers, Question that we must avoid, you have no excuse not to click here and know them, remember: Put them into practice, be an ethical athlete.

5. Believe yourself superior to others: Remember that you were also a beginner

The last of our mistakes is more than anything related to us as people, as athletes, and is to believe ourselves an expert before anyone who starts surfing, this, from many points of view is wrong, remember that no matter how good Whatever you are, you were also a beginner surfer, you didn’t know everything either, you never stop learning, so practice humility and empathy, help others to improve.

These are the 5 most common mistakes of a Beginning surfer, we hope this guide will help you to avoid them so you can improve the surfer you have inside.

Beginning Surfer: Common Mistakes

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