The five most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua: You must know them all

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The five most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua: You must know them all

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If you are plannig a Surftrip to Nicaragua, you must know a little more about this beautiful country, specially if you are looking for perfect spots for surfing. We want to share with you the five most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, so prepare everything for your next coming.

One of the most important things about the Surftrips to Nicaragua, is the posibility to find a perfect Surfcamp , where you can get and learn more about surf with help of experts. 

Five most beautiful beaches in nicaragua

The benefits of surfing in Nicaragua are undeniable. Practically perfect conditions throughout the year, in a wave paradise located in an enviable point in Central America. Limiting to the west with the Pacific Ocean and to the east with the Caribbean Sea. 

Along its beaches, it is possible to find waves for all types of surfers and winds that blow for much of the day. According to the Nicaraguan newspaper El Nuevo Diario: Popoyo, Colorado, Aposentillo, Maderas and Jiquiliste are some of the best surf destinations in the country. 

So, let’s get to know the 5 best beaches for you who are looking for good surf:

Jiquiliste Beach, Rivas


Located in Tola, Rivas, The Jiquiliste wave, also known as Santana Beach, is a beach break consisting of three main peaks that flip right and left over at high tide. Offers placid waters that oscillate between 24 and 33 degrees Celsius. The Best Time its between March to June. 

Popoyo, Rivas

five most beautiful beaches in nicaragua popoya

It is located in Tola department of Rivas and is currently considered one of the best places in the world to surf, here you can find perfect waves for a wonderful surf session. The best time to surf Popoyo, is from April to October, when waves are more consistent and sizable while winds drop almost dead.

Maderas Beach, Rivas


Maderas is probably the busiest surf spot in Nicaragua (Popoyo is in second place). While it is easy to get waves here, it is unlikely that you will be able to surf by yourself. On the busiest day, you can find more than 30 surfers. It is one of the most visited spots.

The surf is an average 3-6 ft most days. With a few 10-12ft days in-between. The tides in Playa Maderas does impact the surf conditions.

Aposentillo, Chinandega

Aposentillo best beach to surf nicaragua
Aposentillo Beach

Located in the West of Nicaragua, north of Chinandega, due to the noise caused by its waves when breaking, this beach is known as “El Boom”. Due to its location, north of Chinandega, there are fewer people who visit it, so the surfer can concentrate more on practicing and perfecting their technique. 

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Colorado Beach, Rivas

Five most beautiful beaches in nicaragua surf

Playa Colorado is a powerful and barreling short A-frame river mouth/beach break. Colorados is considered one of the best and most consistent surf spots in Nicaragua. Consistency is year-round with the greatest conditions from late April/May— when the rainy season causes the river mouth to open— through September.

Playa Colorado is a private beach, and can only be accessed by staying in the community of Hacienda Iguana or by boat drop in.

You already know the Five most beautiful beaches for good surfing in Nicaragua. Do you need more to decide and come?.