Dangers in Surfing: 7 Situations You Should Know About


Dangers in Surfing: 7 Situations You Should Know About

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The dangers in surfing are more common than you think, in fact the sport itself already involves risks and situations where we expose our integrity and that of our equipment.

Like all outdoor activities, there are various dangers that we must take into consideration when carrying out our outdoor sessions.

The dangers in surfing
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Surfing, being a sport linked to the sea and the waves, is understood to imply situations that we must face.

The environment of a surf school or a surf camp is controlled to the maximum extent possible, which guarantees safety when learning.

Already when we are in a surf spot, we know that being an uncontrolled natural environment, we can find anything.

That is why we have listed a list of 7 dangers in surfing that you must know, so that you take the corresponding provisions when launching into the sea to ride waves, remember that protection is paramount.

7 dangers in surfing:

1. Drowning:

Anyone who enters the sea knows that they are exposed to drowning situations, especially when you surf and have to face certain waves and tides.

It is important for every surfer (whether beginner or with some experience), knowing how to swim correctly and being able to float, even in harsh conditions.

It is advisable never to surf alone, the idea is to always go in company, since it is more fun and offers the extra security, in case of fainting or fainting.

2. Table falls and collisions:

Another risky situation is falling from the board, although it is common, you have to know how to do it, since a fall can lead to a blow to the head with the board.

Such a blow can cause bleeding, bruising, and even fainting. The surf schools teach the safety measures that you must implement in these situations.

Surf for the first time
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A recommendation is the use of helmets, it may not look “cool”, but this guarantees safety and avoids risk situations.

The case of collisions is a common danger, especially when we go to a crowded spot of those that every surfer should know.

As there are many surfers, it is inevitable that there are bumps, scrapes and so on. These situations can be avoided with the use of protectors on the tip of the boards and fins, which are not very sharp.

3. Marine Currents:
Dangers in surfing
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The marine currents must always be monitored, there are mobile apps that allow you to know the weather and sea conditions in the spots you are going to visit, these represent a variable danger.

As surfers, we have a board that allows us to float and a wetsuit that gives us warmth, this equipment and our confidence help us not to lose our calm in situations where we face ocean currents.

The best advice is not to fight it, but to follow it and look for a side exit. This prevents us from getting tired and taking advantage of that current to move.

4. Terrain: The rocks and the bottom of the Sea.

The marine terrain is one of the issues that we must always take into consideration, since a hit against the seabed can cause wounds and injuries, in serious cases we can hit ourselves very hard and become unconscious.

The coral reef and lava reef bottoms are the most dangerous, their cuts are comparable to razors. A blow to the head or neck area can be fatal.

It is always very important to know the terrain of the beaches where we are going to do our surf sessions.

The use of a helmet is important if we go to spots with this type of background.

5. Marine animals: Unavoidable situations

The sea is a free and natural environment, it is unpredictable and its respective fauna inhabit it, from all types of fish (harmless) to low-probability but present dangers such as sharks.

Dangers in surfing

When surfing we can find sea urchins, turtles and fish, which are the most common, shark attacks are unlikely but if they exist, cases like the surfer Bethany Hamilton are proof of this.

6. Local Surfers: Surf Territories

This phenomenon can be called localism, and basically it is that each surfer defends and protects their territory.

Although this has decreased, there are still beaches and spots where this can be seen.

To avoid these problems, it is important to always respect local surfers, respect the surfers code, and be friendly.

7. Marine Pollution: Lamentable condition at present.

It is not a secret that the levels of pollution in the environment have been increasing, and the sea does not escape it.

From radioactive waste from disasters like Fukushima to garment dumps, all of these chemicals go into the ocean and affect everything in it.

From contamination by garbage, plastics, oils and others, although many are not visible, they are there.

The cases of surfers intoxicated by ingesting contaminated water on beaches have occurred in different places.

The best advice is to avoid beaches that are known for their contamination or for being in risk areas.

These 7 dangers in surfing are present and we want you to be aware of them, the important thing is always safety and prevention whenever possible.

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From the surfcamps, respect for the sea and the environment in general is implanted in the boys, so that we adopt more ethical and ecologically responsible measures.

Surfing is more than a sport, it is a culture that unites man and the marine environment. Remember to always be respectful with him and so you can enjoy surfing in all its form.

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