What is Windsurfing: A board with a sail that allows you to surf in a peculiar way.


What is Windsurfing: A board with a sail that allows you to surf in a peculiar way.

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What is Windsurfing?, is another of the many forms of surfing. A board and a sail that will allow you to surf in a particular way.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort today we will talk about another quite popular variant of surfing. We have been making several publications to publicize the range of surfing modalities.

What is Windsurfing?

It is a sport that consists of gliding over the water using a special board with a sail. Its name indicates the main necessary factor: wind.

These boards are usually very light, fast and easy to maneuver. This allows, together with the sail, to propel the board and thus achieve great maneuvers.

What is its origin?

It was born in California, USA. A couple of Californians wanted to check if it was possible to install a sail on a surfboard. And after several attempts, they finally managed to develop the right equipment. Windsurfing was born.

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Over time, this allowed the development of techniques, maneuvers, and advance step by step to become a popular water sport around the world.

The wind, the perfect fuel:

Many surf modalities use the wind as a propellant to carry out maneuvers and so on. It is therefore important to know all the information about it. For this there are several websites with information on how to read the wind.

It should be noted that in addition to the real wind (the one you can see) you must take into account the running wind (the one that causes the movement of the board) and the apparent wind (the one that results from the real wind and the running wind).

How is it done?

In this explanatory video you will learn the basics of windsurfing and some techniques:

What implements do you need?

Several elements are required to perform windsurfing in the best way:

1. Special board with sail: There are several sizes, classified in sportsmen and competition. The sizes vary between 3 mts and 3.50 mts.

2. Board fin: It is the one that will provide stability in the direction. If we do not have it, the back of the board would move to the sides. This part is essential for turning and gaining speed.

3. Mast rail: It is where the foot is fixed and its function is to ensure balance on the board. This rail is sliding, allowing the fluidity of movement.

4. The Boom: It has a double fork that allows a better grip.

5. Boots or shoes: They should be made of neoprene, facilitating the grip of the foot to the board and protecting them from objects that may be in the water.

6. Wetsuit: an optional accessory, basically due to the conditions of the spot.

What is Windsurfing las Dunas Surf Resort

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