Surfing in 7 facts: Things you may not have known about surfing.


Surfing in 7 facts: Things you may not have known about surfing.

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From Las Dunas Surf Resort we bring you surfing in 7 facts that you probably don’t know. The surf culture is very broad and is made up of many things that enrich it.

Learning about surfing goes beyond the physical aspect, there is a lot of history, incredible facts, moments that gave birth to different modalities, practices and techniques, even supernatural tales!

Surfing in 7 facts:

1) Agatha Christie was the first British woman to surf:

And this was almost 100 years ago! In 1924 Agatha accompanied her husband on a trip around the British Empire. Visiting countries like South Africa, New Zealand and Hawaii. It was there that she made it.

Surfing in 7 facts

In her diaries she wrote:

It can do some damage when you fall head first against the sand (…) but on the whole it is a simple sport and quite fun..”

2) The “Beach boys” didn’t surf:

Ironic, isn’t it?, a band of guys who based their musical career on cultivating surf culture and putting sound to adventures on the waves. None of them surfed.

The beach Boys, via
3) The CutBack: The most appreciated maneuver by surfers:

In a survey conducted by a renowned surfing portal, it was found that the Cutback maneuver was the most preferred by surfers. What do you think?

4) Paraffin… Do you know where it comes from?

From the same wax used for flooring. Its origin comes from a particular event: Alfred Gallant after observing his mother using wax on the floor and not sliding gave him the idea of using it on the surfboard.

5) Surfing a Tsunami?
Curiosities in surfing

Well, this impossible. They aren’t weaves at all. In fact, they are huge walls of uncontrollable foam.

6) How long do we really surf?

Would you believe it if we told you that in a surf session we only surf 8% of the time?. Of the 100% of the surf session we spend 54% of the time paddling, 28% waiting for the ideal wave to arrive and the remaining 8% of the time we spend surfing.

Epoxy or polyester
Surfing in Nicaragua.
7) Do you know which is the longest wave in the world to be surfed?

This title is held by the Chicama wave, in Peru. In which they managed to do up to 34 consecutive maneuvers.
How cool!

This has been surfing in 7 fact, there are many particular facts and events that have shaped and helped to consolidate the surfer culture.

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