What is KiteSurfing: Air powered surfing.


What is KiteSurfing: Air powered surfing.

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What is KiteSurfing, it is a form of surfing where the wind is the protagonist. A very popular variant that you should know.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we have been writing recently about different modalities of our sport. Variants that offer different attractions, but the same adrenaline. Today we will talk about KiteSurfing.

What is KiteSurfing?

It is an extreme sport that consists of gliding over the water thanks to the propulsive force of a traction kite. The kite is attached to the body by means of a harness, allowing you to sail over the waves with the board.

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It also allows maneuvers in the air, this style is called Freestyle. It is a surfing modality that is becoming very popular in Spain.

A bit of history

There are antecedents dating back to the twelfth century, in which some communities of Chinese and Indonesian fishermen used kites to drag their small boats.

With the passing of the centuries they were improving this and adapting it to the needs of their reality. But KiteSurfing officially as a sport was born in 1977.

This year, Gijsbertus Adrianus Panhuise patented a system that allowed the tractioned navigation on a surfboard using a kind of parachute.

At that time, the so-called Kiteboarding or Flysurfing was born. Since then it has gained popularity, thanks to its ease of learning, its eye-catching attractiveness and the creation of several specialized schools.

How is it practiced?

Special equipment is needed to be able to practice it properly. From the kite and harness, to the special board and in some cases a good neoprene.

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To perform maneuvers and other techniques, we share this video where you can learn the basics:

Benefits of KiteSurfing

Like any physical activity, kitesurfing requires an excellent physical and respiratory condition. Among the various benefits, the following stand out:

1. Increased strength in the limbs: Due to its constant use.

2. It works and strengthens the core.

3. Helps relax the body and relieves stress.

4. Promotes coordination and balance development.

5. Helps to invent decision making, due to the changing winds and the speed needed to act.

6. Promotes muscle toning, controlling weight and modeling the figure.

7. Contributes to the development of cardio respiratory endurance.

What is needed to practice kitesurfing?

It is always advisable to take an initiation course, where you learn everything about the material, techniques, basic safety rules and so on.

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The equipment needed for kitesurfing includes:

  • 1. TwinTip type board
  • 2. Bow or Delta kite.
  • 3. Safety harness.
  • 4. A leash.
  • 5. Inflator for the kite.
  • 6. Impact jacket, helmet and shoes or booties.

Common injuries in KiteSurfing:

One of the most common injuries is Epicondylitis, also known as “tennis elbow”. Also bruises and sprains. It is necessary to warm up beforehand, and of course to have an excellent physical condition.

Now that you know what KiteSurfing is, and you are looking to learn more about surfing, we invite you to be part of one of our Surf & Yoga Retreats.

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