Aposentillo, Nicaragua, is ideal to enjoy easy waves every day of the year, with soft left and right breakers, which makes it a wonderful spot. In addition, we are located in the center of the so-called “7 Beaches Route”. Every day brings waves of different types and levels.

All this we travel with our 4×4 in the daily Surfari that we offer. At night, our privileged location allows us to have barbecues coinciding with low tide and meteor showers. A show that you cannot miss!

Las Dunas Surf Resort in Nicaragua
Our installations in the beautiful beach of Aposentillo,Nicaragua.

Our home for more than 7 years, our love and passion for this place, the community and nature in this spot, makes it our special place for you in Nicaragua.

Surf as Las Dunas Style

You wanna surf as Las Dunas style?, come to the Aposentillo beach,one of the best in Nicaragua located in the center of the Route of the 7 beaches, a privileged position for surfing throughout the year. Waves left and right, warm waters and a unique tropical climate.

In addition, we are close to the famous Boom, one of the best waves in the world. Our location allows you to literally enjoy the beach just for you.

Yoga with Las Dunas

On a Las Dunas Surf Retreat, you will have daily yoga classes with certified skilled yoga instructors, who base each class around your specific needs each day, that means that you’re going to have the opportunity to enjoy literally a personalized yoga class according to your activities.

This includes: routines that will benefit your physical condition pre and post surf sessions, and on any days you need a rest for enjoy our pool, a horse trials or simply enjoying nature.

Surf &Yoga retreat includes:

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or are starting Yoga, at Las Dunas Surf Resort you will undoubtedly find a unique space between the sea and the jungle, where your mind-body and soul will find balance.

What is included in the Surf and Yoga Retreat? We have a huge range of benefits included in the retreat, not to mention that the yoga classes are taught by experts in the area, which will guarantee learning, relaxation and fun.


Nicaragua is a beautiful place where you can find so many adventures to integrate and enjoy about the culture from locals, we want to offer you the best tropical experience.

Apart of the surf and Yoga sessions we have for you:

  • Fishing Tours
  • Motorbike rental
  • Endure Motorcycle
  • Kayak and Paddle surf
  • Horse trials
  • Volcano Sandboarding
  • And more fun activities


At Las Dunas, we seek to connect our guests with nature in every way. Which is why food plays an important role. Oriented to a healthy style, our dishes are mainly based on vegetables, fruits and proteins. All produced directly in Nicaragua and fresh in season. A true delight!

Family Surf

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Las Dunas Surf Resort in Aposentillo,Nicaragua

Las Dunas Surf Resort is more than a hotel, it will be your home while you are in Nicaragua, a hospitable land where you will be part of our family.

Our experience not only in Nicaragua, but also in Spain have enshrined in our essence that fraternal and family feeling that makes us unique. Here you will always be received with open arms!

Book your Surf & Yoga Retreat

Now that you know how great we have at Las Dunas Surf Resort for you and your family. What are you waiting for to book a Retreat and stay in this paradise?

19th-26th February, 2022
19th -26th March, 2022

Our facilities have 6 beautiful cabins perfectly furnished, with amenities such as:

Air conditioning
Unlimited WiFi (Although we prefer that you disconnect and enjoy nature)
Private baths
Private paths to the beach
Beautiful green areas
Parking with 24 hour surveillance
And a hospitable environment that you will love!