What is Skimboarding?: One of the many varieties of classic surfing.


What is Skimboarding?: One of the many varieties of classic surfing.

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What is Skimboarding?, it’s a surfing modality that literally allows you to skateboard in the sea. Learn more!

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we love everything related to our sport, from new techniques to surfing modalities. Today we will talk about a very peculiar one: Skimboarding.

What is Skimboarding?

In the post about types of surfing we told you about several modalities of surfing, among them Skimboarding. This practice has been gaining popularity around the world. And also reaches Central America, to beaches in Nicaragua, for example.

But what does it consist of, in a nutshell: skateboarding in the waves. Not to be confused with SurfSkate.

It is a type of surfing that starts from the shore, riding the waves just as they break. Allowing you to glide along the coast as if you were skateboarding.

Is it surfing if you don’t ride waves?

Technically yes. Because although it does not do it in the traditional way (inside the sea, paddling until you can ride the wave).

You also use the waves to slide. Even if you have to wait on the shore and it does not involve paddling.

How is it done?

In 1st place the surfer must be on the shore with the right board for it. He must wait for the wave to break. At the right moment he must run towards the wave perpendicular to the sea line and get on while running on the board.

The 2nd step, once mounted, glide over the water towards the wave. Taking advantage of all the speed generated by the movement of the wave as it is being created.

The last part consists of turning the board to get off, with the same surfing movements, finding the tube of the wave and being able to return to the sand.

Modalities of Skimboarding:

There are 2 modalities:

A) The 1st consists of practicing tricks and pirouettes on the shore of beaches and rivers, being able to use bars to achieve more demanding maneuvers.

B) The 2nd is to catch the waves on the shore of the beaches using a fiberboard. This is the most known modality worldwide.

In many Latin countries, the 1st modality is the most practiced, called Orillera. Reason for the boom in sales of fiber boards for Skimboarding in several parts of countries such as Mexico and Nicaragua.

Is Nicaragua practiced?

Yes, basically because of the goodness of the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. An incredible coastline that allows to have a lot of “shore” waves, necessary for Skimboarding.

It is possible to get in many beaches to surfers practicing Skimboarding, and it is that this practice is becoming increasingly popular.

Economic advantages:

Another key factor of the increase in popularity of Skimboarding is that the boards are much easier to transport and its price is more accessible than a classic board. This makes it possible to get started in a surfing modality and enter the sporting world.

Lucas Fink performs at Vermelha do Sul beach in Ubatuba, Brazil on July 12, 2018 // Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Skimboard all year round:

It is another reason why it is practiced so much, and is that it does not require big waves to have a Skimboard session. Good weather, perfect sun and to ride shore waves as if you were skateboarding.

Future problems?

As its popularity increases, it is likely to eventually lead to problems with bathers, since Skimboarding basically uses the entire shore to slide. There could be accidents, discomfort and other situations.

The ideal would be to have a beach or spot exclusively for Skimboarding, where not only learn, but to practice without problems.

First steps in surfing:

An important aspect is that it can serve as an initiation in surfing without involving in the expenses involved in its practice. Ideal for children and young people who want to experiment to see if surfing is for them or not.

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