What is Bodysurfing: A curious way of surfing.


What is Bodysurfing: A curious way of surfing.

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What is Bodysurfing?, it is a rather curious, but important surfing modality in its history. Learn more!.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we recently started a series of posts to talk about the different types of surfing. Today we will do it about a quite peculiar modality and that step by step is making its way.

What is bodysurfing?

You may not know it, but this modality is one of the oldest aquatic disciplines. Its origin can be traced back to Hawaii, where it is called Kaha Nalu. In Spanish it is called “Barrenar olas“.

Its importance lies in the fact that the Kaha Nalu is considered the original form that gave rise to other modalities related to waves such as surfing, paddle surfing or BodyBoarding.

What does Bodysurfing consist of?

It consists of sliding down the waves without the help of a board or device, using the arms and hands to get around inside the wave. Nowadays, the use of fins and handboards has been incorporated.

What implements are used?

At first only the body was needed to slide, but over the years other implements were included to make the activity easier:

1. Fins:

They are perhaps the most basic and fundamental element of this practice. The fins help to increase the speed of swimming, at the same time they make it easier to catch the wave before it breaks.

Its incorporation allows greater ability to develop within the sea. There are two types: soft and rigid. The most used are the ones recommended for bodyboarding.

2. Neoprene wetsuit:

It is not essential, its use depends on the weather conditions of the beach. Remember to choose one that fits you perfectly and is preferably eco-friendly.

3. Handboard:

This incorporation allows a better glide on the wave. It is a small board that goes in the hand, generally made of plastic or wood. They are inserted in the hand by means of a fastening system. In the past, one was used in each hand, but nowadays only one is enough, in the front hand.

Why practice Bodysurfing?

The “barreling” or bodysurfing is a practice not as widespread as surfing or paddle, for example. It needs to regularize its practice, it has a lot of potential and has not yet reached all the public it can get.

What is Bodysurfing Nicaragua

Attractive reasons for Bodysurfing

Now that you know what bodysurfing is, here are some great reasons to practice it:

1. Economic:

Doing this practice is quite economical, since you only need your body and in any case the fins and the Handboard. It is a very affordable sport, for those who do not want to invest so much to become familiar with a water sport.

2. Easy to learn:

Of all the surfing modalities, this is the one that requires the least preparation. It does not require the use of a surfboard or other support. It can be learned more quickly.

Of course, it requires an excellent physical shape, since all the movement depends on you and your body. You will be constantly floating and swimming back and forth. You will not have the ease of a board to rest.

Ideal for beginners in the sea:

Bodysurfing can serve to familiarize you with the sea, as it will allow you to be in direct contact with the waves, helping you to lose your fear. It is ideal to lose the sense of intimidation by the sea before getting on a surfboard.

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