Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat

Yoga is the practice of silencing the mind - Patanjali.

So silence your mind and turn on the sound of the waves at Las Dunas Surf Resort: A yoga lover’s dream! Our retreat journey will focus on manifesting personal health & happiness through the practice & philosophy of holistic yoga. Enjoy eight days in this tropical land surrounded by breathtaking sunsets, and immerse yourself in a gracious community of like-minded Bliss-Seekers. Carry what you learn on this extraordinary retreat and transform your life in the New Year & beyond.

While on this retreat, our instructor will teach their personally-developed different styles of yoga: The Path of Practice Classes will be an in-depth journey through the philosophy and practice of yoga and include guidance on how to implement this into your daily life.

After morning yoga, explore our nearest beaches with our local bilingual guides; find tranquility lounging at the pool; seek serenity with a massage; or immerse yourself in Nicaragua’s culture on your own! You will also feel the bliss that comes with connecting with water, eating fresh local and vegetarian food, releasing turtles, riding horses, visiting volcanoes, and making new friends.

The two most important pieces of equipment you need to do yoga are your body and your mind… in the spaces of the Dunas Surf Resort we also have the most spectacular natural scenery to take this experience to the climax. Yoga in front of one of these spectacular sunsets, nothing better to elevate the body to the level of your spirit.
Surrounded by the most beautiful exotic flowers, green palms, and under a natural roof, next to the sound of the waves with the help of our instructors at Las Dunas Surf Resort you will be able to unleash the potential of your mind, body and soul.
“Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.”
B. K. S. Lyengar
Forget about worries and find the way to wisdom through meditation on our ranch, surrounded by beautiful plants, it is a serene, safe, soothing atmosphere amidst the sound of birds and waves, for one to relax, reflect, grow, and feel free.
At Las Dunas Surf Resort plenty of attention is devoted to achieving just the right atmosphere. Our Yoga studio is an open window to nature. An unique healing space equiped with Manduka yoga mats, Yoga mat towels, yoga bolster, yoga strap, yoga blocks, yoga wheel roller massages, oils, and scented candels.
Call Las Dunas Surf Resort today to book your event! Las Dunas, a place of pure nature to experience yoga! Our resort team will be happy to help you to arrange your ideal yoga event in our facilities. To carry it out please contact us at +505 8476 5211 or by email in our contact page.