Take Off in Verticals: Tips to do it in much more vertical waves.


Take Off in Verticals: Tips to do it in much more vertical waves.

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The take off in Verticals requires a lot of technique and knowledge of the waves, so we are going to share some tips with you.

When we start surfing, many times we are afraid of facing certain types of waves, it is normal, not all waves are the same, nor are they mounted in the same way.

Take Off in Verticals: Skills

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Surfing in Nicaragua.

One of the great skills developed in Surfcamps is to gain and develop confidence and ease in each new surf session, to the point of being able to paddle and stand up on any wave. For this it is important to develop some basic skills:

1. Wave perception:

It implies knowing the sea, the currents, the wind, knowing how to read the peak and the take off area of ​​the wave. All this allows you to analyze how to enter the wave, how to paddle and achieve a better technique.

2. More Vertical Waves, require a better table:

Another key aspect is choosing a good surfboard for much more vertical waves, since a heavier board or for summer situations are more difficult to control.

Not to mention that they float more making it more difficult to descend in very vertical waves, the type of board recommended for this situation:

Is the Thruster, a fairly classic tri Fin shortboard. This model will better “grip” the wall of the wave, allowing a much more controlled descent.

3. Paddling technique:

Waves of this type require a good paddling technique, you must adjust to it and paddle intensely.

If you do, you will go with enough speed.!

So that when you reach the correct section of the peak you will have more time to take the take off before the wave becomes more vertical and you will avoid the lip falling.

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4. Lose the fear: trust yourself

It usually happens that many times we briefly block ourselves when we see the descent of the wave too steep. You must control your fear and trust your abilities.

In other cases, many surfers paddle and when looking at the wave wall they lock up and stop. Don’t do it! The wave will literally “suck you in” and you will lose control of the board.

Remember that it is more painful to fall from the lip area than in the lower part of the wave.

5. Take off: More than standing up

Continuing with the tips of Take Off in Verticals, we want to remind you that this is more than standing on the board.

Very Vertical waves are difficult waves that require a certain level of experience and foresight:

The wall of the wave should be located a few steps in front of you, mentally visualize the scene, as you start the Take Off on them you will know better how to interpret them.

Speed ​​in the best section of the wave, with the preview and everything ready to carry out the maneuver, you must be fast and act at the right time.

6. DO NOT go straight: Move to the most surfable area

The most important advice is that doing the Take Off in this type of very Vertical waves should not be done straight, you must move to the side that can be surfed the most.

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Either right or left, when swimming you must align your board with the wall, so you can go down and do the bottom in a better way.

7. Control your weight:

Another serious mistake of surfers is that many times they allow themselves to be dominated by fear and when doing the Take Off they throw the weight back, which slows the maneuver.

The correct thing is to jump, and although the speed impresses you, you must control yourself and act in the best way. Like a pro! Likewise, this should not be confused with entering the Nose when making the descent.

At that moment, when we reach the base we must redistribute the weight on the back leg, in order to maintain control and go directly to the wall of the wave.

These are 7 tips for Take Off in Verticals, with them we want to guide you when it comes to performing this maneuver in the best way and in a swell as demanding as that of waves that are very Vertical.

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