Surfing Lifestyle Philosophy: Beyond the classic image, a way of life.


Surfing Lifestyle Philosophy: Beyond the classic image, a way of life.

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Surfing Lifestyle Philosophy is more than the image of the individual at peace, relaxed and in tune with the sea. It is much more than that and here you will learn more.

Although, the classic image of the surfer is a stereotype. Behind it hides an immense lifestyle, whose basis is the historical culture of surfing. Their way of being and expressing themselves, thinking and seeing life.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort in this opportunity we will tell you a little about the surfer lifestyle, which of course, goes beyond the appearance or carrying a board under your arm.

Lifestyle Surfing Philosophy

When we talk about lifestyle, we imagine a way of being, thinking and acting. In other words, a mindset. And this goes hand in hand with a commitment to the ocean, and that in its domain everything else is of secondary importance.

Surfing lifestyle Philosophy

This mentality of course has its roots in the surfing history of each country and region. And they all come together at the same point: Surfer culture. It’s like a universal brotherhood. Everyone speaks the same language and so you can fully coexist with the ocean.

How can I encourage my surfing lifestyle?

Many times a personal commitment arises, perhaps a radical one: Moving. And yes, to a place closer to the coast or that facilitates the practice of surfing. Or at the other extreme: Being a traveler in search of your perfect wave.

And when you really love something, and you want to achieve it, you have to do the right things for it. The surfing lifestyle is exercise, discipline, commitment, education, nutrition, meditation and relaxation.

Impregnate your life with surfing:

It’s one thing to have the desire, but it’s another to really get involved. You must make your daily life something related to surfing. Read, watch documentaries and series, learn about history, sports news, theory and surf culture.

Surfing Lifestyle Philosophy books


The digital world and books offers us thousands of possibilities for learning and knowledge, there are no excuses, and if you live in an area that has a surf school, sign up!

Experience nature:

Dare to take that step, go and start interacting with the sea and the waves. Without fear, at your own pace, listen to the sound of the sea… feel the breeze, learn to read the surfing language of interpreting the environment.

Every spot is different and no two waves are the same. Be one with the sea. Adapt to its changes, currents, temperatures and so on, will develop in you great skills.

In this first part about the philosophy of surfing lifestyle we begin to introduce you to a more real perspective. Away from the social image, being a surfer represents a way of life that sees more than a sport: It sees a personal life’s work.

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