Cultivating LifeStyle Surfing: Daily work that feeds the body and soul.


Cultivating LifeStyle Surfing: Daily work that feeds the body and soul.

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Cultivating LifeStyle Surfing is a daily job. And it requires love, dedication, commitment, surfing and feeding the mind and soul. Let’s talk more about it.

From Las Dunas Surf Retreats we always promote learning to surf. And this goes not only from the physical aspect, but also mental, emotional and spiritual. Because surfing is food for the soul, it makes us better people and builds a wonderful lifestyle.

Cultivating Lifestyle Surfing:

In the previous post about the Surf Lifestyle Philosophy, we talked about a more natural perspective of surfing. No social conceptions, no cover-ups, a way of life that involves more than a sport: A commitment to life.


And like any commitment begins with a balanced diet. And this factor is extremely important in any physical activity and even more so in surfing. Yes, it is a recurring theme, but precisely because of the current need for a healthier and more balanced diet.

Current nutrition:

It encompasses more than the organic nutrient of the food. It is the nourishment of the capacities and faculties of the body. A healthy organism, allows a healthy mind. And this balance is vital for the surfer.

Exercise your body:

Whether self-taught or at a surfcamp, train your body comprehensively to be healthy and fit for the requirements of surfing.

Study about the weather:

Every good surfer needs to know the role of the weather and its various variables. This allows you to analyze the days and their projections to know which ones are the best for surfing.

Books and documentaries surfers:

Currently we have thousands of options on the web on blogs, forums, chats, groups, PDF documents, books and magazines. Everything oriented to surfing and its people: Culture, events, music, tips, anecdotes and more.

Also, in the various streaming platforms there are movies, series and documentaries about this wonderful world.

Don’t follow the herd:

Surf for the first time

Just because others practice surfing in one way or another, doesn’t mean it works for you. What’s great for some people just doesn’t fit for others. Go at your own pace, understand your routine, adapt surfing to you. Live it your way.

Meet new waves:

And this talks about stepping out of your comfort zone, about losing your fear of the new. Experiencing every session to the fullest, every maneuver, taking risks (of course, in terms of fitness).  Go to new beaches, meet new surfers, look at the sea differently.

Respect everyone and yourself:

The surfer must understand that as a sport it promotes brotherhood, companionship and respect. Learn the language of behavior in the sea. Respect people and waves. Learn to respect your position. Do not imitate others, let your mind and soul guide you in the sea.

These aspects help in cultivating lifestyle surfer. And this work is not something that is taught in a gym or on TV. It’s a commitment you make when you ride a board for the first time.

Each wave is a different learning experience, each surf spot a new adventure. Each maneuver is a goal achieved and every moment in the sea is worth all the commitment acquired. This is when you understand that the balance mind – body – soul is real and must be nurtured.

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