Surfing and meditation: How this training influences our surfing.

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Surfing and meditation: How this training influences our surfing.

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Surfing and meditation go hand in hand, as both practices help various mental and physical capabilities. Learn more!.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort this week we bring you a post that will help improve your quality of life. So If you incorporate the practice of meditation into your daily life, you will see incredible changes. Especially if you are a surfer!

Surfing and meditation: How are they related?

Meditation is a practice that seeks to achieve a state of concentration on something. Relaxing the body and sharpening the senses.

This practice of Buddhist origin is thousands of years old, and it seeks to “change the power of our mind”.

What are the benefits?

Surf as Therapy
  • It helps to relax and clear the mind.
  • It empowers the capacity of attention, learning and concentration.
  • Contributes to lower levels of anxiety, depression and hypertension.
  • Helps to improve the immune system.
  • Allows the activation of certain areas of the brain.
  • Influences the reduction of the amygdala, the region of the brain associated with fear.
  • It acts positively on Telomerase, the molecule that facilitates the immortality of cells in cancerous processes.
  • It improves memory, emotional stability, personal awareness and sleep quality.

Now… How does this benefit us in surfing?

So many sports people, especially surfers, incorporate meditation as a daily training routine.

For example, surfer Garrett Mcnamara, who claims that part of his success derives from practicing meditation because:

“The preparation is mental, physical and spiritual”.

Meditation helps to be more serene in stressful situations at sea. It also prepares all the senses to better interpret the sea. In other words: for surfers, knowing how to read the waves is essential.

How to start practicing meditation?

Surfing and meditation

1. First of all, we must find a way to incorporate its practice into our daily life.

2. In second place, read about the subject or look for information on portals like YouTube. In this way we can have a guide on the subject.

3. In third position, define the type of meditation to practice: Zen, Vipassana or another of the many modalities.

4. The fourth place, Lead a lifestyle according to it: good nutrition, training and physical-mental balance.

What changes will we notice in our technique?

1. In First place, we will have a greater ability to concentrate on the waves.

2. In Second place, will be able to control our fear of the different waves.

3. The third place, this will improve our breathing capacity.

4. Lats but not least, this increases the perception of our body, muscles and movements.

This is part of the relationship between surfing and meditation. Practices that although they seem opposite, have much in common. And more if you are interested in improving your surfing skills.

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