6 tips for surfers: Your best board by following these must-have tips.


6 tips for surfers: Your best board by following these must-have tips.

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6 tips for surfers who want to find the perfect board for them. A list of the best details you should know, take note!

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we share various tips and advice about surfing. This week a guide of 6 essential tips to find the perfect surfboard. An important search for every surfer.

6 tips for surfers: The perfect board

First of all, we must point out that these tips are designed for intermediate and expert surfers. Since it is essential to know how to ride waves, read the sea, know the winds and have mastery of surfing. The search for the perfect board is continuous, and there are many advice guides. However, this is the definitive one you should know.

6 tips for surfing

In search of the perfect board:

1. Be honest about your true level:

This is fundamental when talking to the Shaper. We must be 100% honest about our ability and level. This way, the shaper can really know in detail your ability.

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Usually, we have a better concept of our ability than it really is. But instead of being positive, this influences us not to improve our mistakes. The ideal is that the Shaper evaluates your performance together with you, through videos. As it is done with WSL professionals.

2. The liters of the board:

We dedicate a whole post to explain this important topic. And it refers to the volume of the surfboard. You can read the post about the liters in surfing and learn more.

3. Choosing the best Rocker:

It is nothing more than the curvature of the board, which goes from the tip to the tail.  A steeper rocker at the tail provides more maneuverability. But it will decrease speed, however, a flatter rocker offers less resistance, which increases acceleration.

The most important thing is to match the rocker to the waves you are used to surfing. In addition, an incorrect rocker translates into more work to surf and therefore more effort to improve surfing.

4. The Bottom:

It refers to the lower part of the board. That is, the one that is in contact with the water and this conditions its behavior. There are multiple combinations and the ideal is to find the balance between speed and turns.

5.  The right tail:

The tail can influence the behavior of the boards. It is important to take into account factors such as: surface and thickness. Both determine the speed and sensitivity of the board. In short: the keel area transmits all the pressure of the turns.

It is common to use the Squash Tail for multiple waves. And it is perfectly suited for small and medium waves. However, the right thing to do is to find the one that perfectly suits the level of surfing and the objectives we have.

6. Rails:

The famous edges, the parts that come into contact with the water when maneuvering. That is, the edges of the boards. The sharp edges provide precision in the turns. The medium edges provide balance and maneuverability.

The edges are rounded at the front and taper towards the tail. This helps the water to flow in the front and the water to grip in the tail.

These are 6 tips for surfers looking for the perfect board. Of course there are differences between generic and custom boards. But what is really important is to have accurate information to make the search easier.

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