Surfboards for children: Everything you need to know about them.


Surfboards for children: Everything you need to know about them.

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Surfboards for children are a recurring theme at surfcamp when parents want their kids to start surfing.

And it is that not all of them serve our boys, not to mention that when you are a beginner many mistakes are made, and an inappropriate table is one of them.

Each level of surfing, as well as each age, has (to call it somehow), a specific board. It adapts to the skills of the surfer and the goals of each level of development.

Surfboards for children

Whether it is an Epoxy or Polyester board, even a cork, each one offers particular characteristics that will help our children in their development.

In this post we are going to give you some tips and recommendations to take in count when buying the 1st surfboard for children and thus guarantee an ideal equipment for the boys:

Recommendations for surfboards for children

1. Measurements:

Surfboards for children are exactly the same as those for adults. The only thing that differentiates them is the size or measurement (for obvious reasons).

Boards for kids measure between 5 and 7 feet. This serves as an adaptive margin to the abilities of each child.

When buying the 1st board, children tend to look for the most beautiful one, remember that it will not always be the most appropriate.

2. Lightness and safety: Important aspects

When purchasing the board with which your child will start the world of surfing, it is important that you choose materials that offer maneuverability and safety.

Surfboards for kids

Materials such as foam or cork are ideal for this. It may be a soft material, however it has adequate strength and can withstand any blow. A plus: Easy to transport.

3. Volume and length:

If the board is wider, it will guarantee greater stability for the child. For this reason, children’s surfboards should measure between 6 to 6’8 feet.

The volume refers to the buoyancy, and it happens like the length, the greater the volume, the stability and the level of buoyancy increase.

Guaranteeing these two aspects will significantly help the child to gain confidence in the sea.

Tips for choosing the 1st surfboard for beginner kids:

In the market it is possible to get all kinds of boards. The best way to introduce kids to surfing is with a Soft board: Corchopan, Fish, Minimalibu and Evolutionary.

Corchopan: It is similar to Malibu boards, except that its main material is cork or foam, which is lined with eva rubber. Its characteristics will allow the boy to practice comfortably.

Mini Malibu: This type of tables are ideal for all those who are starting, and more if they are children. It has a small size and excellent buoyancy. They are less than 8 feet tall.

Fish: It is specifically designed for appendages, perfect for maneuvering in small swells.

Evolutionary: this type of board is ideal if the child wants to continue surfing. They are wide boards from tip to tail, which guarantees greater stability. It is an excellent investment.

Surf School: The best way to introduce children to surfing.
Surfcamp Las Dunas Resort in Aposentillo, Nicaragua

Once you have found the perfect board, the ideal wetsuit and your little one is ready to start in the world of surfing, you can take the most important step: A good surf school.

And it is that in these suitable spaces for the safe and controlled learning of surfing, in the hands of professionals, it is guaranteed that children learn and have fun.

Ideally, the beach where the boys go to practice is a beach with calm waters, with easy-to-handle waves and with the supervision of experts.

Don’t forget these skincare tips! Boys, when they get excited at sea, will forget about the sun and its impact on the skin.

The most important thing is to be attentive to the progress of children, in this way you can help him and provide him with the necessary elements such as a helmet or earplugs so that water does not enter his ears.


These basic recommendations are essential to take into account when buying the 1st surfboard for children.

Simple tips that we list based on our experience as a surf school and surfcamps. Children require in their first contact with the sea all the tools according to them so that they can feel confident and adapt to the conditions of the sea.

Not to mention that as a therapy it is incredibly beneficial for children and adults. Do your children want to dive into the world of surfing? Come to our school to live the Las Dunas experience.

Surf trip with kids