Resuming surf training after a time of absence: Come back in the best way.


Resuming surf training after a time of absence: Come back in the best way.

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Resuming surf training can be complex after a time of absence. However it is not impossible, here are some tips to do it in the best way.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we promote a beach and surfer lifestyle. And more than a sport, it represents a way of life that brings incredible benefits to the mind, body and soul. Have you spent a long period of time without surfing?, here are some tips to resume physical activity in the best way.

Resuming surf training:

It has happened to all of us that because of work, studies, living away from the sea or because of an injury, we have paused our training. And summer is an excellent opportunity to resume it in the best way.

Surfing is like any other physical activity: it requires a good physical condition, sports skills and effort. And the fact is that training should never be left aside, whether there are waves or not. There are multiple exercise routines that can be done from home, a swimming pool and other exercises that do not require being in the water.

Caring your surfboard

Importance of returning to surfing in good shape:

Like any sport, it is essential to have endurance, capacity, strength, skills and excellent physical shape. And surfing also demands lung capacity, agility and patience.

If we are not in good physical-sporting condition, surfing sessions will not be productive, performance will be lower, there will be frustration and in general it will not be a good experience.

Perform training routines 3 times a week is one of the best recommendations we give you. From muscle building exercises at home to SurfSkate are great options to do.

Surf training at home

Tips to prepare before a SurfTrip:

In summer many are the surfers who plan trips to look for waves and good experiences. If this is your plan, but you are not in such a good shape, we advise you:

  • 1. A month before, focus on an exercise routine aimed at gaining and developing strength, elasticity and balance. Ideally, two to three times a week.
  • 2. One week before the trip, dedicate yourself to stretching, chiropractic and joint massages, specialized adjustments and specific training. The best companion: A balanced diet.

Tips for training progressively:

In case you decide to do progressive training, it is best to start with the basics and increase the intensity every week or 2. Covering the necessary aspects: upper and lower body exercises. Improving lung capacity, balance and elasticity among other aspects.

The ideal in these cases is to go to a Surf Retreat, where a group of highly trained instructors will help you in the best way. Our Retreats at Las Dunas are always the best option.

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We are located on the beach of Aposentillo in Nicaragua, one of the best surfing areas of the country. We are waiting for you with open doors this summer.

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