Pets at the beach: Tips on how to take them safely.


Pets at the beach: Tips on how to take them safely.

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Pets at the beach require some care so that they can also enjoy a day in the sun. Take note of these tips!.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we bring this week a post for those who have pets. Many times we take them to the beach and we don’t know how to do it in the best way. That’s why we bring you this series of tips to do it the right way.

Pets at the beach:

Some years ago it was impossible to take pets to the beach. Many times these impediments modified travel plans and it was necessary to resort to a pet day care center, friends or relatives to take care of them.

In recent years, the number of beaches that allow access to pets has been increasing. This allows families to bring their pets to enjoy with them.

Pets at the beach

Tips for taking your pet to the beach:

Before going out:

First, check if the beach you will visit allows pets. If so, prepare a bag for your furry friend: vaccination papers, water and drinking bowl, food and food bowl, toys and anything else necessary.

1. What toys to bring?

Those that float are the best choices, as they can play in the water. At the same time, several bags to collect their needs, keeping the beach clean is synonymous of civility and responsibility.

2. To protect him from the sun:

There are sun creams and sprays for pets. There are sunscreens and sprays for pets, as well as protectors for their paw pads. An extra umbrella is not superfluous for your pet to rest in the shade.

At the beach:

The ideal is to choose a quiet place where there is no excessive sun. The ideal is to apply sunscreen immediately to areas with little fur or pigmentation.

1. Avoid exposure to the sun during midday hours:

Since the sand becomes hotter and your pet can suffer burns on the pads or between his little fingers.

2. Constant hydration:

You must make sure he drinks water regularly, it should be in the shade to keep cool. This way, your pet will be hydrated and will be able to enjoy the beach better.

3. Watching, playing and bathing:

Do not let your pet out of your sight at any time, especially if he/she is going to bathe. Likewise, activities such as running, chasing the ball or swimming with your pet are ideal. However, do not exaggerate and with caution.

For bathing, a shallow area without currents is ideal. Pay attention to the presence of jellyfish or sea urchins.

4. And if you do not like the water:

Not all pets like to bathe in the sea. If your pet is one of them, do not force it. This is the only way to generate stress in your pet. The ideal is to accustom it gradually and taking advantage of activities such as playing ball.

5. Heat and sand blows.

Pets, especially brachycephalic dogs, such as bulldogs, boxers or pugs. They are prone to heat stroke if they do not regulate their body temperature well. It is ideal to cool them constantly.

Be vigilant to sharp objects in the sand, likewise avoid having your pet eat it, as it can generate severe gastrointestinal problems.

Back home:

1. Bathe him with fresh water to remove salt, sand and other debris from his coat. This helps to protect his skin and coat.

2. It is important to check the ears for water and sand. This prevents otitis.

3. Leave the beach clean as it was and place the waste in the corresponding spaces.

4. At home, bathe them carefully using their care products.

These tips to take care of pets are important if you plan to take them safely. From Las Dunas Surf Surf Resort we invite you to enjoy the summer with us.

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