Walking on the beach: 5 benefits of walking barefoot on the beach sand.


Walking on the beach: 5 benefits of walking barefoot on the beach sand.

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Walking on the beach is one of the best things you can do. Beyond being relaxing, it offers several health benefits, so take note!

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we bring you this week a particular post. The beach can be enjoyed in different ways. A walk along the coast offers multiple benefits to your health. Did you know?

Walking on the beach:

With the arrival of summer, the days of sun and beach are inevitable. Many people take walks along the coast while listening to the sea and the birds. Others use to exercise. Taking advantage of the mild weather, of course.

Benefits of walking barefoot in the sand:

The list is extensive, from helping to burn up to 50% more calories to strengthening the muscles. It is advisable to do this walk in areas of compact and stable sand. This will prevent the skin from sinking, thus reducing muscle tension and instability.

Walking on the beach

And at the same time, avoid inclined terrains, since they suppose a greater effort in only one side of the body, affecting legs and ankles. Walking for 15 to 20 minutes is recommended.

But how does this practice help to improve my health?

Walking is a daily physical activity, doing it on the beach is not only healthy but relaxing. The combination of good weather, fresh water, sounds of the sea and the breeze helps to relax the brain. It decreases anxiety. The best time to do it is when there is little influx of people.

Among the main benefits are:

1. Helping to burn more calories:

The soft surface of the sand influences the increase in energy expenditure. Since the body must make a greater effort when it comes to moving muscles. The area of the legs from the calves, soleus, ankles and quadriceps are activated with greater intensity.

2. Strengthen muscles and bones:

The additional physical exertion of walking on sand allows you to strengthen muscles, joints, tendons and ankles. Walking on sand is easier on the joints, as there is no impact due to the softness of the sand.

This helps to prevent injuries and increase strength. And as a curious fact: exposure to the sun favors the absorption of vitamin D. And this allows better synthesize calcium. Hence its importance for the bones.

3. Activates the circulatory system:

Walking on the beach barefoot helps stimulate blood flow. And this is ideal for people suffering from varicose veins, edema in the legs or swollen ankles.

4. Reduces stress:

Any outdoor activity, especially by the sea, helps to release stress. And this influences an improvement in mental health and self-esteem. Breathing clean air improves cerebral oxygenation, and this favors creativity, relaxation and thus a decrease in cortisol and blood pressure.

5. Natural exfoliant:

The fine-grained structure of sand helps remove dead skin cells. The exfoliating power of sand in combination with sea salt helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. And thereby remove impurities, keeping the skin soft and smooth.

Recommendations and care:

  • 1. Walk barefoot short distances, if you are a beginner. This will help your muscles to get used to it in a better way.
  • 2. Very long walks can cause cramps in the legs, muscle and tendon pain.
  • 3. Sunscreen at all times. Wear comfortable, cool clothing.
  • 4. Infallible hydration, light snacks.
  • 5. Walk back and forth the same route. This will balance the efforts made on each leg due to the inclination of the terrain.

These are some tips and advice on the importance of walking barefoot on the beach. A walk along the seashore is always relaxing, and even more so when it helps to improve our health.

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