Liters in surfing: Do you know what this term means in surfing?


Liters in surfing: Do you know what this term means in surfing?

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Liters in surfing is a common terminology that you should know to understand what it refers to. And no, it does not refer to liquids, learn more!

From Las Dunas Surf Resort in addition to offering an excellent vacation option in Nicaragua. We also have Surf Retreats to teach you all about this sport from experts. In this post we will talk about the liters of the surfboard. Something that every surfer should know.

Liters in surfing:

No, we are not talking about water, or liquids inside the board. The liters refer to the volume of the surfboard. It is one of the most important factors when choosing the right surfboard.

This measure, like the volume of any other solid, will depend on 3 factors: width, length and thickness, in this case, of our surfboard.

And this, can it be calculated?

Yes, but it is more complicated in surfboards. Compared to other solids. The reason is that the boards have several different characteristics: The nose and tail are not exactly equal in width, they are not totally straight either, etc.

Why should I know the liters of my surfboard?

It is extremely important to know the exact (or at least as accurate as possible) volume of the boards. This will tell you the real and adequate size for the board you need. Aspects such as body weight, skill level and physical build are relevant.

Liters in surfing Las Dunas


The liters of the board mainly influence the buoyancy of the board. And this aspect in turn defines: paddling speed, turns, waves, wave speed, etc.

This helps to avoid mistakes with board selection. And they range from having boards with too much volume for us to boards with too little volume. And of course, this affects performance. A good buoyancy helps to paddle faster, catch waves with less effort and higher surfing speed.

How to choose the right board volume?

Below, we leave a table that serves as a guide when it comes to knowing the right liters according to body weight and surfing level:

Regarding the swell:

It is also important to know the type of swell, as there are several boards that are perfectly suited to the weather conditions:

1. Small waves: More liters.

Usually big boards are used in small and weak waves. The extra foam will provide speed, and compensate for the lack of power.

2. Normal (good) waves: Less volume

In an optimal swell, smaller boards are usually used, i.e. with less liters. This translates into more maneuverability and turns, allowing for more tricks.

3. Huge waves: More volume

Longboards fit perfectly in these conditions. Since their volume guarantees greater paddling capacity and in turn, greater stability that contrasts with the speed and strength of the wave.

To sum up:

The liters in surfing refer to the volume of the boards. This factor is of importance when making decisions, both when building a good surfing quiver and when buying new boards.

The ideal is to take in count all aspects related to the buoyancy of the board. As this has a major influence on surfing. If you are looking to learn more about this, come to our Surf Retreats.

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