Historical dates of surfing: A brief summary of important surfing dates.

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Historical dates of surfing: A brief summary of important surfing dates.

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The historical dates of surfing have marked moments that are part of the surfer culture. Learn more.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we bring you a brief summary of the history of surfing in dates that were important for the sport. All of them are part of the surfer culture worldwide, and it is important that you know these relevant moments for surfers.

Historical dates of surfing:

First of all it is important to remember that the origin of surfing is uncertain. Some sources date it back to 3000 BC. When Peruvian fishermen built caballitos de totora for fishing.

Although it is believed that surfing as such originated in the Polynesian islands hundreds of years ago, the first record of the sport dates back to the 18th century.

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James Cook witnessed the sport (in its rudimentary form) in the Hawaiian Islands. An exact date for the birth of surfing is not known for certain. However, over the years, exceptional moments have been documented that have helped to consolidate the historical foundations we have today.

From 1767 to 1900:

1767: First notion of surfing by Europeans in the Polynesian islands, especially in Tahiti.

1778: Sighting by Captain James Cook on his arrival in Hawaii of rudimentary surfing. This date is the most widely recognized as the discovery of surfing.

1821: The missionaries who arrived in Hawaii banned surfing, considering it immoral. As a result, the practice of surfing declined and only several natives continued to practice it.

1890: Duke Kahanamoku is born, who is considered the precursor of modern surfing.

From 1900 to 1920:

1900 to 1915: Resurgence of modern surfing.

1907 to 1912: Surfing is introduced in the USA, specifically on the West Coast.

1914: Duke Kahanamoku on a trip to Australia surfs there for the first time.

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The 20’s, the decade of growth:

1922: Agatha Christie learns to surf in South Africa, perhaps the first documented woman to do so.

1926: The first wave is surfed on the beaches of Portugal.

1928: The 1st American surfing championship is held, winning Tom Blake.

1929: The first wave is surfed in the United Kingdom (by an Australian).

From 1935 to 1965:

1935: Tom Blake introduces for the 1st time the fins on surfboards.

1936 to 1959: Surfing spreads throughout Europe and is practiced for the first time in Biarritz.

1959: The first magazine in the world dedicated to surfing, “The Surfer”, is founded by John Severson. It still exists today.

Gidget, the first movie about surfing, is released, from this moment the surfer boom is generated, and an incredible growth begins.

From 1964 to the present:

1964: The 1st World Surfing Championship is held.

1965: Surfing takes place for the first time in Spain, specifically on the beach of Santander, El Sardinero.

1970: O’Neill launches the 1st full wetsuit on the market.

1971: The first edition of the Pipe Masters takes place.

1972: Kelly Slater, considered the best surfer on the professional circuit, is born.

1984: The European Professional Surf Association is created, giving birth to a European surf league.

1991: The first surf school in Spain is founded: The Cantabrian Surf School.

1992: Kelly Slater wins his 1st World Championship.

2010: Mundaka is out of the world circuit due to swell irregularities.

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This brief summary of the historical dates of surfing, is elaborated highlighting important events that every surfer should know.

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