Exercises after surfing: The importance of After Surf in general well-being.


Exercises after surfing: The importance of After Surf in general well-being.

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Exercises after surfing are necessary, since the surf sessions are physically demanding and an after surf is necessary to relax the muscles.

As surfers we know that surfing requires concentration, physical effort and that each surf session requires excellent physical condition.

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We also know that we must exercise a little when getting off the table, as a way to relax the muscles. Yoga appears as the best post-surf session recommendation, thanks to its relaxing and conditioning postures of the joints and ligaments.

Exercises after surfing:

It is important to remember that we must warm up before surfing to prepare our joints, and after enjoying our session, we can take at least 30 minutes to do post surf yoga excersises.

Why specifically Yoga?

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we offer you an excellent Surf and Yoga Retreat, where you can enjoy all the benefits of these two disciplines together.

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Yoga goes hand in hand with surfing as it helps to practice breathing and relaxation, likewise its various postures help to stretch and tone the various muscle areas.

These are the 4 best exercises after surfing that you should do:

1. Half Paloma or Half Palomilla Posture:

In 1st place you must place both hands on the ground, while we lean on the tips of the feet. We will advance one of the legs towards the opposite hand.

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We lower the hips by taking the knee out of the front leg while the sole of the foot points to the opposite side. Then go down completely until the arms are bent, we place the elbows in front of the bent leg.

The rear leg is fully stretched with the instep of the foot on the ground. Once here, take 5-10 deep breaths. Then the leg is exchanged.

2. Extended Triangle Posture:

We must open our legs with our feet pointing forward, while we open our arms in the shape of a cross.

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We turn one of the feet laterally and the arm on the same side goes down until it touches the ankle, following the line that forms the arms.

Once here, take 5-10 deep breaths. Then it is repeated with the opposite side.

3. Runner’s Lunge Pose:

We place ourselves in a position of feet and hands on the ground, we advance a foot towards its corresponding hand.

Then we put the knee of the back leg on the ground. The hand that you have next to the other foot should be raised and turned, to hold the opposite foot (that is, the foot of the back leg).

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Once like this, take deep breaths 5 to 10 times. It is then done to the opposite side.

4. Cow pose with eagle arms:

Sit down on the floor, then you should cross your legs until your knees are on top of each other, your feet to the sides.

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We cross our arms at the elbows and press the palms. Once like this, we take deep breaths 5 to 10 times.

These are the 4 best yoga poses that serve as exercises after surfing. Remember that breathing and correct posture are ideal to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

And if you are looking to live a surf and yoga experience, do not hesitate to visit us, we are Las Dunas Surf Resort.

We are located in Aposentillo, Nicaragua. A tropical paradise in Central America where you can do good surfing while relaxing in a wonderful natural environment.