Surfer Season in Nicaragua: What is the best season to visit Nicaragua?

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Surfer Season in Nicaragua: What is the best season to visit Nicaragua?

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The surfer season in Nicaragua is the best time of the year to enjoy the best waves, weather and in general, the true surfer paradise in Central America.
Nicaragua is one of the most desired and visited destinations in Central America, its landscapes, volcanoes, history and natural essence make it one of the best destinations to visit.

Surfer season in Nicaragua:

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we elaborated this post to share with you the best time of year to come and enjoy surfing, in turn, reconnect with nature again.

When is it more advisable to travel?

The best season to come to Nicaragua is from November to April, since in this period of months is where the best temperature is enjoyed, about 24 °.

Likewise, the location of Nicaragua is favored to have warm waters throughout the year, and a magnificent waves for you. But during these months it is simply incredible.

What are the travel seasons?

1. High Season:

November is High season, due to its cooler and milder temperature.

From December to February the high season remains the same but the weather becomes very hot.

During this season the influx of tourists from all over the world come to enjoy all the tourist attractions that Nicaragua offers, as well as looking for quality surf on the Route of the 7 beaches.

2. Mid Season:

From February to April, the weather is good and the probability of rain is low, however the temperature is hot, in some areas it tends to be very intense.

It is important that you know this information to plan your Surf Retreat at the time that best suits you. In the middle season you will enjoy few tourists, more offers in tourist packages and in many cases beaches just for you.

3. Low Season:

From May to October, during these months the rainy season does its thing, with heavy rainfall throughout the country.

The good thing about it is that for surfing it means big waves, which is why it is usual for many surfers to choose these months to come to enjoy the waves.

Here literally the beach will be just for you.

The climate in Nicaragua:

Being a Central American country, it has a tropical climate, with only 2 very marked seasons: Rains and drought.

The dry season runs from January to June and the temperature can reach up to 30 °. From July to December is the rainy season with the strongest months being September and October.

What documentation do I need to travel to Nicaragua?:

You need a passport, in some cases a tourist visa, your valid ID and other documents that are necessary for your country of origin.

Likewise, important given the current conditions, vaccination against Covid 19 and other basic protocol measures.

These basic tips on the best surfer season in Nicaragua seek to guide you in making decisions if you are planning a surf retreat.

At Las Dunas Surf Resort we offer you surfcamps where we combine surfing and yoga to offer a unique, relaxing and special experience.

Our spacious facilities have all the comforts and we have a team of experts who are there to guide you not only in learning surfing but also in the art of Yoga.

Where are we located?

We are in a privileged spot, in the middle of the famous route of the 7 beaches, in Aposentillo. One of the best surfing beaches in the whole country.

Come and live the Las Dunas experience!