Healthy tanning and summer: Tips for a great tan this season.


Healthy tanning and summer: Tips for a great tan this season.

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Healthy tanning and summer go hand in hand. This season is perfect to show off great skin in a healthy and safe way, take note!

Summer is sun, beach, warm afternoons and tanned skin. And this season is when we must maintain more protection and care to avoid injuries and burns. From Las Dunas we share with you some incredible tips.

Healthy tanning and Summer:

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In the vacations constant sun exposure and for long periods. And this, in the long run if not controlled and protect the skin, will cause us significant damage. A tanned skin tone has always been associated with health, active lifestyle and summer vacations.

Benefits of sunbathing:

The skin is an organ that requires sunlight, as it activates its composition and aids in skin condition. And sun exposure recharges the body with Vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones, teeth and skin layers.

Effects of abusing the sun:

Just as it benefits us, it affects us if we abuse sun exposure. And this ranges from premature wrinkles, skin spots, skin cancer, sunburn, sunstroke, heat stroke, etc.

Tips for a healthy tan:

1. Adequate sunscreen: Of importance

You should not only look at the SPF (Sun Protection Factor), but apply the term Broad Spectrum. This guarantees complete protection to the skin. Solar radiation is composed of 95% of UVA rays (involved in spots and wrinkles) and the other 5% of UVB rays (Causing redness and burns).

2. Control the time of exposure:

The ideal is never to expose yourself for long hours, since the skin after a stop does not produce more melanin. The limit is between 2 to 3 hours of sun exposure for medium and dark skins. If your skin is very white, the limit is lower.

3. You should rest from the sun:

If you are going to spend the whole day at the beach, take shade for a few hours. The shelter will prevent dryness and burns. Likewise, daily exposure to the sun is recommended during summer vacations. The skin will rest, will be nourished and will progressively get a better tone.

4. Healthy nutrition:

The skin has its own natural protection: called Lycopene. This antioxidant is found in red and orange vegetables and fruits. And this goes from tomatoes to red peppers. Including them in the beach diet will help generate higher levels of Lycopene. Green tea and legumes will add polyphenols, necessary for better protection.

5. Application of sunscreen:

Every 2 hours is ideal, if you bathe you should reapply it even if it is waterproof. This guarantees a new coverage on the skin. It is important to pay attention to moles, as they may change due to sun exposure.

Healthy tanning myths:

1. Using a high sunscreen will not let you tan: FALSE. And is that UVB rays activate melanin, from 3 to 4 days the pigmentation of the skin will be noticeable. Sunscreens block 98% of these rays.

2. Brown skin does not tan: FALSE.

3. If it is cloudy, I don’t get sunburned: FALSE, because the sun’s rays continue to pass through the clouds and can still burn.

4. Applying sunscreen once is enough: FALSE: FALSE. It requires touch-ups every 2 hours.

These are some recommendations from Las Dunas Surf Resort. We not only teach surfing, but also the beach lifestyle. And if this summer you are looking to learn surfing in a wonderful experience our Surf Retreats are the best option for you.

We are waiting for you at Las Dunas this summer!