Best age to surf: When is it advisable to start surfing?


Best age to surf: When is it advisable to start surfing?

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The best age to surf is something important to take in count when starting out in the sport. Is there a limit? When is the best age for surfing? Here we tell you about it.

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A usual question is what is the best age to start surfing. And today we will give you an answer to that question.

The best age to surf:

Like any sport, surfing requires an aptitude that allows to carry out the physical effort in a good way. Likewise, it requires commitment, capacity, dedication and skills.

Age is not a limiting factor when it comes to sports practices. In the case of surfing we could say that it is a sport for all ages as long as the physical capacity, mobility and skills allow it.

From a very young age:

Surfing for children

Usually we tend to think that the best thing to do is to start practicing a sport from a very young age. This is indeed beneficial, but it also has its drawbacks. Many children are more interested in playing than in a strong commitment to the sport.

In the long run, the feelings of commitment, perseverance, dedication and responsibility develop in children. Primarily for them a sport is just another game.

Different levels of learning:

For this purpose, the teaching of surfing has different levels of learning. From the initial (with zero knowledge), intermediate, advanced and professional. Each one is adapted more to the age, to the abilities and aptitudes.

The learning of sports practices should not be limited by age. In fact, the ideal is to adapt each teaching to the levels of knowledge and skills. So that practically everyone can learn and develop. In this case, in the practice of surfing.

The dangers in surfing

Self-taught or in Surf Retreats:

Here, of course, the individual’s ability to learn comes into play. Just as there are many people capable of learning on their own. There are many more who need and prefer to have a guide.

Therefore, it is always best to go to a Surf School or be part of a Surf Retreat, since you will not only have the guidance of a certified staff, but you will also be able to meet other people.

The surf culture goes beyond knowing about the sport, it involves making life in it. And this is achieved by interacting in the surfing community. Making friends, being interested in the environment and everything related to the practical and theoretical learning of the sport.

What is then the best age?

We believe that the best age is the one you feel is the right age to start. It is a personal decision, since everyone knows their level of commitment, their abilities and skills. Sports practices are not limited to any number of years. In fact, there are athletes as old as 80 or 90 years old.

Best age to surf Las Dunas Surf Resort

The best age to surf is the age you decide you are ready to make the commitment to learn to move in the sea. To be part of it, to train constantly to improve your skills. And do not be afraid to jump into the waves.

Every sport is a commitment. When you feel ready to acquire it. It is the best age.

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