Typical dishes of Nicaragua: Gastronomy that you must try when you visit


Typical dishes of Nicaragua: Gastronomy that you must try when you visit

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Typical dishes of Nicaragua offer a wide gastronomic variety for all tastes. Elaborated with fresh products and delicious flavor, learn more!

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we invite you to a journey of flavors within the Nicaraguan gastronomy. The search for authentic and native flavors in the country has resulted in an explosion of wonderful dishes.

And Nicaragua not only offers natural and cultural beauties. But also an unparalleled culinary experience.

Typical dishes of Nicaraguan:

One of Nicaragua’s strengths is the freshness of its food products. And with them they manage to make delicious traditional dishes that mix fresh and exotic fruits with flavors of the sea or red meats. The possibility of having fresh vegetables and other products at hand is an important culinary advantage.

Let’s talk about some typical dishes of this Central American country:

1. Gallo Pinto:

Typical Nicaragua dishes
Gallo pinto

A national dish perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A must dish in Nicaraguan homes. Made with red beans, white rice and diced onions. Cooked together in a frying pan using part of the water from the beans to give the reddish tone to the rice.

In the Atlantic coast area and in the Caribbean islands it is used to fry everything together with coconut oil.

2. Nica breakfast: energy bomb

Nica breakfast.

Gallo Pinto is also part of the traditional Nicaraguan breakfast. “Nica” is completed with eggs (fried or scrambled with chopped onions and peppers), fried plantains, fried or fresh cheese and a corn tortilla.    The toppings include “Pico de gallo”, a vinegar sauce with onions and tomato. And a little sour cream is a must to top it all off.

The tropical juice par excellence is Pitahaya (dragon fruit) or Calala (passion fruit). It is accompanied by strong coffee and that’s it. One of the most complete and strongest breakfasts of the continent.

3. Nacatamales:

The Nacatamal

Made with corn dough, and filled with pork, potato slices and a sprig of grass called “Yerba buena”. It is the Nicaraguan version of the Mexican tamales or the Venezuelan hallaca. Its name “Nacatamal” comes from Nahuatl, the language of the ancient Aztecs. Where “Nacatl” means meat and “Tamalli” means something wrapped.

The preparation is wrapped in a banana leaf and placed to boil. Usually used for breakfast on weekends. But they are considered very heavy for dinner.

But they can also be made with chicken, rice, vegetables or whatever you have on hand. So The banana leaf is a must for an incredible touch of flavor.

4. Quesillo:

The typical Quesillo.

A typical sweet from all over the country, it consists of a tortilla wrapped around a circle of white cheese that is covered with curtido (finely chopped pickled onion). Then a portion of cream is added, could be served in a bag or flat on a plate. The most famous quesillos are those of Nagarote.

5.  “Indio viejo” (Old Indian):

The Indio Viejo soup.

A soup made of corn dough, minced meat and onion. This dish has its roots in pre-Columbian culture. Legend has it that a group of hungry Spanish conquistadors came to an Indian village in search of food. They asked the locals what they were cooking, the reply was: “Just an old Indian who died yesterday”.

So when the Spaniards heard this, they fled the place thinking it was cannibalism. The soup is cooked with yerba buena and bitter orange. Then is served with tostones (fried green plantains) and cuajada (cottage cheese).

In this first part we present 5 typical dishes of Nicaragua . A wide gastronomy that encompasses multiple flavors and combinations.

But all of them reflect not only the history of the country, also its natural advantages in terms of fresh and unique products.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we invite you to know this Central American paradise. In addition to an incredible culinary offer, you can live the best surfer experience in the region. Nicaragua is a booming surf destination that you must know.

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