The Electric surfboard: The board that will allow you to surf even without waves.


The Electric surfboard: The board that will allow you to surf even without waves.

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The electric surfboard is a modern invention that will allow you to enjoy the experience, even if there are no waves… Incredible, isn’t it?

From Las Dunas Surf Resort this week we bring you a post that unites technology with surfing. And is that advances in the field have allowed the creation of electric boards, an object that has created, of course, debate within the surfing community.

Electric surfboard:

And is that for lovers of water sports, especially surfing, the invention of an electric board is presented as an object that generates admiration and controversy. While the board is designed not to depend on wind or weather, guaranteeing surfing anywhere.  For the most “conservative” it would not technically be surfing.

However, for the new generations of surfers who have grown up with technology, this device will allow them not only to enjoy surfing in rivers, lakes and beaches. But also to execute turns and stunts in a better way. Evolving the surfing lifestyle completely.

Surfing without waves:

The natural essence of surfing lies of course in the weather conditions. You depend on good weather and wind to enjoy great waves. However, with the electric surfboard, this will not be necessary since it has an electric motor, which guarantees the necessary speed conditions for surfing.

Rivers, lakes and beaches can be surfed using an electric board. One of the great advantages of course, is the optimization of time, no more wasting hours waiting for good waves. Making surfing sessions more productive.

Technology and surfer science:

These boards use motor technology, their sophisticated design makes them a practical and comfortable object. There are several models that can be found in the market, from classic to futuristic designs.

Electric boards are popularly known as the “Teslas of surfing”. Their design allows you to surf the waters and perform maneuvers, the most important thing, of course, is to keep your balance.

Fun fact: Electric boards are controlled with a remote control.

Modern materials:

Most electric boards are crafted from super-strong fiberglass, which complements their aerodynamic design and powerful motor. They are suitable to support up to two surfers at a time.

It has a hydraulic wing made of carbon fiber, which is attached to the bottom. It is formed by a propulsion system with the motor and the propeller.

When turned on, the board is pushed forward, being lifted completely out of the water, as if “levitating or flying over the water“. Here’s the key point of debate: Many don’t really consider it surfing.

Controlled from a distance:

And it is that a point that draws much attention is its remote control, via Bluetooth. Composed of an ergonomic control which allows you to choose the speed of navigation, has numerous configuration options and security medide.

Curious fact: It has a sensor, once turned on, if the board leans more than 45° or touches the water, it automatically stops.

Its battery is lithium-ion, with an autonomy of 100 minutes, full charge in 2 hours (1 hour in fast mode).  Its maximum speed is up to 50km per hour.

Prices range from $9,000 and up. Making it one of the most expensive boards today. If you could have one… Would you have it?

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From Las Dunas we present you this electric surfboard. An invention that unites science and surfing in a unique way. What do you think?

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