Surfing in Pandemic: Surfing is booming because it is a safe sport.


Surfing in Pandemic: Surfing is booming because it is a safe sport.

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Surfing in Pandemic has seen a renewed boom, thanks to the safety guaranteed by its practice. Learn more!

In a world situation affected by Covid-19, many people have found in surfing a way to stay healthy and have fun in nature.

Surfing in Pandemic: Safe Natural Encounter

In the wake of the forty, many people had to put aside their sporting lifestyle. However, surfing offers several aspects that other sports do not guarantee: a safe practice.

Surfing has seen an increase of more than 15% in the number of surfers worldwide since the Pandemic situation began in 2020.

Why is that?

First of all, surfing is an integral sport: it works mind, body and soul. Important aspects due to the current situation.

In second place, its practice allows the imposed social distancing, which is relevant.

A third aspect, highlights its practice in open spaces, which guarantee an emotional and mental distraction.

Contact with nature helps to balance the mood.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we always promote a safe, fun and instructive practice, surfing is one of the best options to exercise body and mind.

Natural lifestyle

The pandemic has allowed people to have more free time, which for some translates into resuming a healthy lifestyle.

This goes hand in hand with getting outdoors and playing sports.

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Surfing in Aposentillo,Nicaragua.

Surfing offers a wonderful feeling of being one with the sea. Riding the waves and feeling the adrenaline in each session.

And most important, the reconnection with nature, so forgotten in the hectic modernity.

An economical, fun and fun for the whole family:

A great aspect of surfing is that it is inexpensive, you only need a board, sunscreen and a good surf spot.

So, the whole family can join in and have fun in a safe way.

Surfcamps are a viable option to participate. Thanks to the fact that they are taught in very small groups and under all the biosecurity measures.

Health, a primordial aspect:

While the worldwide Coronavirus situation has significantly influenced our daily life routine, health has not been neglected.

People have sought ways to stay active and for many the answer has been surfing.

Surf as Therapy

The physical, mental and spiritual benefits of consistent surfing are widely known.

From improving muscle and respiratory fitness to helping with anxiety disorders.

The surfing philosophy is present:

The surf culture promotes a natural lifestyle of mind-body and soul balance. In harmony with the natural environment.

All this also involves healthier eating changes, yoga practice and so on.

In fact, this has prompted many people to take up surfing, as an option to get out of the routine and relax from the worries derived to the current situation.

Biosafety first and foremost:

From Las DunasSurfResort, we remind you to always maintain the relevant biosecurity measures to protect yourself and your family from Covid-19.

If you go to a surf spot, try to keep a safe distance, avoid crowded places, and do not take risks.

Surfing is fun, relaxation and a way to connect with nature.

We invite you to visit us at Aposentillo Beach, Nicaragua.

We have first quality facilities, specialized instructors in the area that will help you learn to surf in a safe and entertaining way.

Come and live the Las Dunas experience!