Repairing your wetsuit: Tips every surfer should know.


Repairing your wetsuit: Tips every surfer should know.

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Repairing your wetsuit is something that every surfer needs to know, as it is likely that at some point these tips will be useful to you. Take note.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we decided to put together this list with some super important tips to repair neoprene that can help you. It never hurts to know how to repair our second skin.

Repairing your wetsuit:

Neoprene is a material that can suffer breakages and tears, so it is important to know how to repair it easily and satisfactorily. As surfers, we know the importance of having all our equipment in perfect condition.

It is important to know that these tips apply for not so complex tears and breakages, which you can solve at home. In case of complex tears, you should consider repairing or replacing it.

Tips to repairing your wetsuit:

1. Replacing the affected area with a new one:

This 1st tip consists of removing the area with a tear and replacing it with a new one, for example: An area on the sleeve.

First you should carefully remove it, avoiding breaking the neoprene, try to remove all the threads (if any) and irregular edges.

The second step is to trace the pattern of the removed piece, to transfer it to the substitute neoprene. This ensures a perfect fit.


The third step is to glue the new piece using Neoprene glue, the surfaces must be perfectly dry. Then with the liquid neoprene you must cover the inner and outer edges.

This sealing phase is very important, as it will prevent water from seeping through any of the replaced areas. Spread the liquid neoprene with a small brush or brush.

The fourth step is to press the two pieces together to ensure that everything is well sealed and bubble-free. You must wait 1 day to sew. Without going through the neoprene completely, using the scallop stitch.

2. Using patches: 2nd repair option.

This modality is a simple option and very useful in some cases, to do it you need a piece of neoprene and liquid neoprene to seal.

First you must clean the affected area well once it is dry. With the new piece of neoprene, cover the area completely.

Secondly, apply the liquid neoprene on the break or tear and the patch to be applied. You must wait for it to take consistency before gluing the patch.


The last step is to glue the patch and apply pressure to avoid the appearance of bubbles or that it is poorly fixed.

3. Small tears: Simple solutions

Many times we can tear our suit when falling on rocks or with the keels for example.    These small tears are sometimes left unrepaired, which is not the idea.

For this you only need liquid neoprene, which should be applied evenly to the affected area. After drying, check the area, if it needs another layer, apply it.


It is important to do it carefully, avoiding irregularities or bubbles. This form of repair applies only to small rips or tears.

4. Unraveled seams:

This usually happens due to sudden movements or a bad treatment pre and post surf. This allows the nylon that covers the neoprene to peel off, leaving it more exposed to possible tears.

These tears must be repaired, making use of the seam and the scallop stitch. You will need a thick needle and nylon thread preferably.

There are currently some varnishes or special sealing tapes for the seams, providing longer life to the suit.

5. Damaged zipper:

It is usual for the zipper to be damaged, either by rough use or by oxidation due to contact with seawater. It is important to always rinse the suit with fresh water after a surfing session.

If the zipper is damaged, it is possible to replace it, either at home or, if you prefer, by taking it to an expert. It is important to always use neoprene sealant.

These neoprene repair tips are based on our extensive experience in teaching surfing and everything related to the sport.

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