Surfing and First Aid: Tips that every surfer should know.


Surfing and First Aid: Tips that every surfer should know.

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Surfing and First Aid is a recurring theme in which we must master to help any emergency at sea.

At Surfcamp Las Dunas, one of the basic topics is First Aid when surfing.The sea has its risks and it is important that we know how to act in an emergency. Take note of these tips!.

Surfing and First Aid

1. Feel comfortable and confident that you can help:

We mean that in 1st place you should feel comfortable in the sea, sure of your abilities and that your ability can help the situation instead of making it worse.

Surfing and first Aid

For example, if you are a beginner surfer, you probably end up putting yourself in danger in your eagerness to help. A good Surf course will help you to enhance your level, it is never too much to participate in one.

2. How to approach the victim?:

You are in your surf session, and you see that there is another surfer in danger or having difficulties, the best way to help is to approach quickly, the sea is very changeable, so do not hesitate to help (without implying danger for you).

3. First physical contact: Cautious but vigilant

This aspect is interesting, once close, do not have physical contact immediately (unless it is a drowning, fainting or other situation). If this is not the case, but for example, a panic or anxiety attack, a cramp, or a blow, try to calm the victim, since for example a panic attack could put your own safety at risk as well.

Maintain eye contact and try to make him feel safe and that everything will be fine.

4. On the table towards the edge:
Surfing and first Aid

Having assessed that you are not in danger by helping, try asking questions: Are you hurt? Is it difficult for you to breathe? Do you know where you are? Are you handicapped in any way? Never let go of your invention.

Once you check that everything is in relative “order”, bring the person closer to your board and head to the shore.

5. Transfer to shore: Quick but safe

You must place the victim on your board, while you ride behind it, the sensation of floating will help to calm the affected person, offering a feeling of security. To go both on the same board, you must open your legs to position yourself behind and in this way row towards the shore.

6. DO NOT take any waves: Glide through the foam.

It is important that to achieve a successful exit, do not ride any waves, this could make you lose the victim or hurt him more. Instead, wait for the wave to come and hold the tension as you let yourself be carried away by the foam.

7. Call 911 or take you to a hospital:

Once on the ground you must act quickly, if you are removed from a medical center, call the emergency room. On the other hand, if there is a hospital nearby and you have the means (car or some safe transport), take the victim directly to the hospital.

We hope these 7 Surf and First Aid tips will help you, remember that they are for situations where there is no risk of fatality. Also before them, do not hesitate to help, every second at sea counts and can make a difference.

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