Mental Health and Surfing: How Surfing Can Help Emotional Stability.

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Mental Health and Surfing: How Surfing Can Help Emotional Stability.

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Mental health and surfing is a frequent topic when we talk about the emotional benefits of playing sports. Here we explain more.

Today’s day-to-day carries a frenetic pace, personal and work stress, worries and other situations load us emotionally. This is where surfing comes in, as a great option that helps improve the mental health of its practitioners.

Mental health and surfing

Mental health and surfing: How to practice this sport benefits us emotionally.

1. Endorphins: Hormones that increase our well-being.

Surfing is a complete sport that involves not only physical exercise but also produces the release of endorphins in the body, the hormone responsible for improving mood, reducing stress and anxiety.

At the SurfCamp at Las Dunas Surf Resort, we teach that surfing is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle, a culture that integrates physical-spiritual and emotional balance.

2. Cortisol: Reduction of anxiety

Constantly practicing some sport, leads the body to face an increase in the levels of cortisol, known as the stress hormone. This increase helps reduce anxiety.

All this according to medical and scientific studies that show that doing some sporting activity reduces the risk of depression by 20%.

3. Man – Nature: The open air purifies

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It is widely known that being in contact with nature improves the emotional state. In fact, this gives rise to Ecotherapy, a practice dedicated to treating illnesses and emotional imbalances using nature as a tool.

4. Meditation: Encounter with oneself

The 4th place on our list for mental health and surfing is occupied by meditation as a way to purify the mind and find an emotional balance.

The sea is a perfect space to carry out meditation sessions, since its sound, the sea breeze and its environmental condition create a perfect environment to put everything aside for a moment and focus the mind on being grateful, releasing emotions and release.

5. Surfer community: Human warmth

The surfer community is very warm, united, surfing in a group will guarantee you not only learning and accompaniment, but also the creation of bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

Surf trip with kids
Surfcamp in Aposentillo,Nicaragua.

The feeling of being part of a group helps self-esteem, acceptance, improve the feeling of accomplishment and will even help you set goals for self-improvement.

6. Adrenaline:

Surfing is a sport full of adrenaline, the emotion that you feel when you get on a wave and ride it in a great way is unique. The release of adrenaline helps the nervous system, as it floods the sensory system and serves to achieve a unique emotional balance.

Does the adrenaline rush sound familiar? That feeling is your nervous system filling up with energy that makes you feel more alive, strong, youthful and vivacious.

These 6 aspects of mental health and surfing seek to show that this sport is more than a physical exercise, it is a holistic practice that incorporates the body, mind and spirit in the same space.

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