Surf and Giant Waves: The 5 biggest waves in the world.


Surf and Giant Waves: The 5 biggest waves in the world.

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Surf and Giant Waves, it may sound great but there are literally huge waves that are incredible and that you should know.

When we think of gigantic waves we immediately think of a Tsunami, however, giant waves are a phenomenon that happens sometimes and that if we combine them with surfing we will have a terrifyingly surprising experience.

Surf and Giant Waves

Surf in Las Dunas Surf Resort, Aposentillo, Nicaragua.
Surfcamp in Aposentillo, Nicaragua.

At Las Dunas Surf Resort, we always maintain the safety of the practices, which is why we do not advise exposing yourself to unnecessary risks, especially when you do not have the necessary experience.

Around the world there are 5 gigantic waves, which have marked a point of admiration in the surfer culture, there are those who have dared to ride them and here we show them to you.

1. Nazaré, Portugal:

Since 2011, Nazaré in Portugal, holds the Guinness record as the giant wave ever surfed with an incredible size greater than 24 meters! The reckless surfer Rodrigo Koxa ventured to ride it.

The previous record also comes from the same area, made the same year by Garret McNamara, in a wave of 23.77mts.

2. Jaws, Maui:

This wave is located on the beach of Maui, in Hawaii. It reaches a wingspan of 20 meters high. And it is known for its brutality and violent force. The time of year for this wave is winter.

This natural phenomenon attracts an incredible number of surfers every year from all over the world who try to ride Jaws and achieve that precious goal of riding a giant wave.

3. Mavericks, California:

One of the most dangerous on this list, and not precisely because of its size. It is located on the beach of Half Moon Bay, in northern California. It has an average height of 15 meters.

<span;>And why is it so dangerous? This wave only occurs in winter, this surf spot has a reef bottom and the wave is characterized by its strong descent. Which represents a danger if you do not have enough experience and agility.

4. Teahupoo, Tahiti:

The fourth place in the list of Surf and Giant waves is occupied by one that is not the largest on the list but the most difficult to ride. The reef zone is located near the shore, and that represents danger.

For this reason, this wave is only dominated by experienced and risky surfers. This is one of the best known waves in the world.

5. Belharra, France:

This wave is very peculiar, since it does not break as often as the other giant waves. When it usually appears it is simply surprising and represents perhaps one of the most desired to ride.

The most recent time it was sighted was on the Iparralde coast, in 2020. Making this event unique and special. This wave is one of the most monstrous and dangerous on the list.

This has been a list of surfers and giant waves that exist around the world and that perhaps represent a goal for many surfers, however, we remind you that you should not expose yourself to danger when you do not have enough experience.


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