Lightning While Surfing: What You Should Know About Surfing In A Storm


Lightning While Surfing: What You Should Know About Surfing In A Storm

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Lightning while surfing is not usual, however, if it happens to you, you must have all these considerations.

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Surfing in Nicaragua.

Sometimes you can be in the middle of a surf session, and bad weather comes suddenly, the rain begins and gray clouds cover the sky. You may find it exciting to surf while it’s stormy, however, if there are lightning strikes: Danger Alert. Learn more.

Lightning while surfing:

Being struck by lightning is highly unlikely, however it is possible. Surfer Katherine Díaz in the middle of a sudden storm, was a victim of lightning, perishing immediately.

Despite the low probability of this event occurring, the risk exists. Seawater is highly conductive of electricity and indeed, lightning can strike the water. A few years ago, lightning struck Venice Beach, killing one surfer and injuring 12 others.

A storm is not to be taken lightly

At our SurfCamp at Las Dunas Surf Resort, we emphasize preventative safety when surfing, and a storm should not be taken lightly. Lightning moves at astonishing speed, literally ripping through the air, hence the incredible sound.

Lightning is an electrical discharge with a current intensity ranging from 10 to 100 million Volts, carrying around 30 thousand amps. Amazing, right?.

What if the lightning doesn’t strike that close?

It is a common question, according to meteorological experts, the probabilities of a lightning hitting the sea are less than those of hitting the land. However, it is entirely possible, with indeed it has been seen.

Lightning while surfing

Salt water, thanks to its composition, is an excellent conductor of electricity, it is not known the exact perimeter of expansion of the electric charge lightning on the surface of the sea, that is, the horizontal distribution of all the electric current in the area of ​​the sea impact.

Therefore, it is preferable not to risk and receive an electric shock in the electrocuted water near the impact. But if your board or body are the only things that stick out of the sea for a long time, the risk of receiving an impact increases. Since you do the function of receiving “antenna”.

So, should I leave the sea immediately?

Exactly, no matter how good the surf session is, you should get out of the sea as soon as possible. Remember that surfing is fun and relaxation, so DO NOT put your life at risk for an experience that can end in a terrible way.

Lightning while surfing

Another day you can continue riding waves, remember that the electrical storm is another of the many risks that exist in surfing, so we must be conscious surfers and practice our beautiful sport safely.

And if you are looking to learn more about surfing, At Las Dunas Surf Resort, we have incredible Surfcamps that are perfect for you, from the youngest in the initiation courses to those who already have experience and seek to improve their technique in the advanced courses.

Where are we located?

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