Floater in the Surf: Tips to do it in a great way


Floater in the Surf: Tips to do it in a great way

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The Floater in the surf is another of the many maneuvers that exist, and in this post we are going to share several tips to do them in a great way.

At Las Dunas Surf Resort, our team of experts are in charge not only of immersing you in the world of surfing but also of teaching you the best techniques and maneuvers, today we will talk about the Floater.

The Floater in the Surf

This maneuver consists of sliding along the crest of the wave, specifically through the foam area while the wave is breaking. Knowing how to perform this maneuver will allow you to surf for much longer, taking better advantage of the wave.

Floater in the surf
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If you can master this maneuver, it will be easier for you to go through sections where the wave breaks and you will be able to return to the wall of the wave, in the open section of the wall, an area where you can chain those great turns.

Steps to make a Floater:
1. Propulsion:

It is the main thing, you must generate enough speed, once you are ready and see that the wave begins to break right in front of you, you must incline the board slightly maintaining a parallel position, thus gaining height in the wave that allows you to approach the foam.

2. Weight distribution:

This maneuver technically consists of distributing your weight, for example: If you go from Frontside, you must make a brief pressure on the balls of your feet, as if you were lifting your heels in a small impulse.

The Floater in the surf
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This allows the board to climb onto the foam. Then you simulate a small jump bending your knees, the dynamics of the water, the force of the wave and the correct distribution of the weight will push you directly to the foam area.

3. Backside Floater:

The dynamics in this position is the same, only in it you must flex your heels. Once you are in the foam area, you must press the board in the center so as not to fall, maintaining your balance.

This dynamic practically does the work alone, you must focus on maintaining balance on the board.

4. Landing:

The last stage of the Floater in surfing consists of getting off the foam or landing. For this you must visualize the section in which you want to finish, it must be the base of the wave.

You must then turn your head, then your shoulders and trunk, all this while pressing on your heels if you go from Frontside and toes if it is Backside.

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Remember to bend your knees, and voila. This maneuver is relatively simple, and you can try it whether you are a beginner or with some previous experience.

If you are looking for professional advice, at Las Dunas Surf Resort, we have great Surfcamps that you should come to know.

A team of monitors with more than 10 years of experience in surfing, will guide you in the process of learning, training and improving your surfing skills and abilities.

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