6 reasons to choose Nicaragua as a Surf Trip destination

Surf trip to Nicaragua

6 reasons to choose Nicaragua as a Surf Trip destination

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Nicaragua as a surf trip destination is booming. A hidden treasure in Central America due to its ideal wind conditions throughout the year, a huge variety of beaches and waves, and the best, an accessible and ideal option if you are looking for new adventures.

For a surf trip through Nicaragua, the best season is from March to November, which is when consistent waves arrive from the south. November is the ideal month, thanks to its perfect weather, intense waves and fewer visitors.

There are many reasons for choosing this Latin country as a perfect new spot for excellent surfing and tourism sessions. Here we share 6 reasons for you to choose it as your next surf trip:

Nicaragua surf trip destination
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Caribbean Wind: All year long

Nicaragua  as a surf trip destination is known as a beginner surfers’ playground too,  due to its topography and a meteorological phenomenon known as “the lake effect”, which essentially ensures the country’s wave-rich Pacific coastline is treated to offshore winds for a whopping 300 plus days of the year.

Beach Breaks: Rest Areas for Surf

Nicaragua rest areas surf trip destination
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In Nicaragua, you can find wide beach breaks on many of the beaches. Rest areas where you can relax and surf quietly. Many beaches also have totally reliable wave break spots on tap.

Nicaragua has very warm water almost all year

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With warm water all year long in Central and Northern Nicaragua and about 9 months a year  in Southern Nicaragua (January-March gets a bit colder in the south of Nicaragua due to stronger winds pushing the warm layer of water out to sea- a 1mm or 2mm top is advised).

You can get cheap food: A Good deal

Since the economy is still in an early stage, you can find cheap deals, mostly on food, that will cost you half of what you would spend in other Central American countries. From lobster to others dishes, food is very accesible and delicious, the Nicaragua gastronomy is spectacular.

The people of Nicaragua : Genuine and friendly

Nicaragua as a surf trip destinationm best choice
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Nicaraguayans are still very friendly and welcoming and they are happy to meet strangers from other countries. Furthermore, the culture that this country offers us is rich in multiple expressions. You will live unique experiences.

SurfCamps and SurfResorts: A wonderful Experience

As a tourist destination, Nicaragua offers incredible options for hotels and surfcamps that will give you a wonderful experience, in addition to being able to have surf training from experts.

Have you already decided to come and live the experience?