6 tips to take care of your skin if you practice surfing


6 tips to take care of your skin if you practice surfing

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In this article we share 6 Tips to take care of your skin before, during and after a good wave session. Being surfers or practicing any other aquatic discipline such as Windsurfing, Kitesurfing or Bodyboarding, among others, we know the pleasure that a day of high waves and good wind in the sea produces. However, that freedom also exposes us to many hours in the sun and salt water, factors that, if we do not take foresight, can affect the state of our skin. Take note of these 6 tips that every surfer should know:

Wear broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen


6 tips to skin care surfers
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In the first place, the broad spectrum sunscreen stands out (that is, it covers both UVA and UVB rays), it must also be SPF 50+. By spending so many hours at sea, we expose ourselves to the mirror effect (which also increases solar radiation), therefore, if you do not protect the skin adequately, you can suffer from severe burns.

Lips and hands: They also need protection


Generally we protect only the skin of our face, leaving aside 2 equally important parts: The lips and hands, never forget the lipstick with sunscreen (since they can easily burn or irritate by sea water). On the other hand, the skin of the hands is prone to the appearance of sun spots. You must apply the sunscreen SPF 50+.

Avoid the hours of greatest solar incidence


best hour to surf protect your skin
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 hours of greatest intensity of solar radiation are between 11am and 5pm. The ideal would be to take the corresponding precaution to use sunscreen (and touch it up every 3 hours). Since in these hours it is when more harmful effects generates the solar radiation on the dermis.

On the other hand, do not trust yourself if it is not too sunny or the day is cloudy, you can still burn yourself.

Irritations: Say goodbye to friction


It is usual that in the practice of water sports, the skin suffers from irritation due to friction, and sea salt aggravates this situation. Use petroleum jelly in the neck or armpit areas, in this way you avoid rubbing and damage to the dermis.

Shower when leaving the water: Required


6 tips to take care skin surf
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This is important, even if you go to make a technical stop, take a bath to eliminate the salt from the skin, since if you do not do it, when drying, the dermis will start to itch, which increases the possibility of irritation and friction burns.

Hydration of the skin: Essential

the shower, comes the most important step in the After Surf: Deeply hydrate the skin. Which will help you fight skin dryness, leaving your skin soft. Opt for a non-greasy and non-comedogenic product (does not cause acne).

If you follow each of the 6 tips to take care of the skin that we have listed for you, you will be able to go calmly to your session in the Surfcamp to enjoy a good day of waves.