The Boom Nicaragua: One of the most amazing waves in Central America.


The Boom Nicaragua: One of the most amazing waves in Central America.

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The Boom Nicaragua, is one of the most increíble waves that this tropical paradise has to offer. A surfers dream that you need to know.

The Boom, located in the north of Nicaragua, is fast becoming one of the most important surf spots in Central America. It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive waves.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we wrote this post to tell you a little more about it, because if you come to Nicaragua Surf Retreat you should definitely know El Boom.

The Boom Nicaragua

This surf spot has been gaining more and more international recognition among experienced surfers.

Its waves, huge, fast, incredible barrels and its A-shape make this spot a favorite of surfers looking for excitement and adventure.

Its name comes from the loud sound its waves make when breaking on the shore. And being there and listening to it is fascinating.

How to get to Boom

This surf spot is located in the north of Nicaragua, 45 minutes from the city of Chinandega. A great aspect of this place is that it is distant from most tourist sites.

This guarantees that you can enjoy the beach and the waves practically alone or with very little company, which surfers practically dream of.

Although the Boom has seen an increase in visitors, it is possible to enjoy a space available just for you, thanks to the wide coastline. Some surfcamps offer visits to this spot.

The waves: What are they like?

The Boom offers the most incredible waves in the whole country. The waves usually break very close to the shore. So it doesn’t take many strokes to get back out.

This feature makes the rides somewhat short but quite intense, which compensates for their short duration. The waves literally erupt on the shore so it is important to be very vigilant to avoid bumps or accidents.


The tides are geared towards more advanced riders; however, if you catch the waves when they’re a little calmer, an intermediate surfer will still have a blast.

The best waves in The Boom occur with mid to high tides, but there are also smaller waves that are the perfect spot to refine your techniques and your abilities.

The A Frame Waves

The left and right breaks of the A-Frame waves will give you an amazing ride once you get used to the speed and steepness of the takeoff.

Be sure that you paddle into the wave confidently and with speed to avoid getting tossed about by the lip.

Once you get up, the barrel goes vigorously down the line, so be prepared to the ride.

Barreling: Tips for the Boom Nicaragua

  • Firts, when going out into the wave, you’ll want your takeoff point to be about 4 feet deeper than where you’re typically comfortable.
  • You’ll need to immediately set your rail while trying to stay close to halfway up the face of the wave; direct your front hand in front of your body to guide your exit of the wave.
  • Once the barrel portion is over, there’s a huge cut back before it closes out. This experience it’s awesome!.

The best months to visit the Boom Nicaragua:

Our recommendation for surfers with an intermediate or advanced level is to visit Nicaragua during the months of March until December. Why?, because Nicaragua is considered a “South Swell spot”.

What’s that means?, that the Boom relies on the swells provoked by the winter season storms from the southern hemisphere, this phenomenon occurs from March to December.

Many surfers, have also stated that the waves are the best between May and October. During these months, the lower tides open up, allowing for radical barrels.

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