Surfing for kids: 3 great benefits for kids.


Surfing for kids: 3 great benefits for kids.

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Surfing for kids is one of the best options to invite them to practice a sport, here are 3 great benefits for kids.

From Las Dunas Surf Resort we encourage the inclusion of children in the sporting and healthy lifestyle. Promoting sports values and creating habits that improve the quality of life for everyone.

Children are adventurous, they are in constant search of fun and learning. As parents, we want them to develop their skills to the maximum and surfing is perhaps one of the best sports options to stimulate children in their growth.

Surfing for kids: At what age should they start?

Not only from a medical/health point of view but also in aspects such as the development of social skills, personal values and even self-knowledge.

The best age to start surfing for kids is between 7 and 9 years old. This is because at this age they begin to develop factors such as coordination, balance and motor skills. Although it is not limiting, since from the age of 5 and with support practices, children can be taught to float, and to lose the fear of the first encounter with the sea.

Key to learning: Slow but complete

An important factor when we want our children to learn to surf is that their learning must be slow but complete. Since they will be alone facing a new environment and must use their own skills.

It is important not to over-demand the child, since what we are looking for is that they lose their fear of the sea and manage to increase their self-esteem and confidence about their skills on a surfboard.

Surfing for kids 3 great benefits:

1. It is a sport: Necessary Physical Activity

Nowadays we are facing high levels of sedentary lifestyles in children. Technology and video games are displacing outdoor activities.    We must encourage children to do physical activities, both for physical and mental health and for healthy entertainment.

A sport guarantees the development of physical and cognitive skills, from knowing how to float, hold your breath, lose fear, think clearly in particular situations to the development of motor strength.

Surfing for children

Surfing and other complementary physical activities help develop endurance, agility, balance, flexibility, fluidity and power. Aspects that are lost due to the sedentary lifestyle to which children are currently overexposed.

2. Values of the surfer culture: Spiritual Aspect

One of the particular characteristics of surfing is that it is a source of mental and emotional values. It goes beyond a physical activity, it encourages meditation, relaxation and the development of a more natural conception.

The close contact with nature develops in the child not only love for the sea and the life forms that inhabit it, but also to preserve the environment and lose the fear of nature.

When children are in the sea, on their boards and surrounded by waves, they understand better the power and beauty of the sea and develop a natural sense of nature that they do not learn from books or video games.

3. Beneficial effects of the sea:

Children are currently exposed to screens and virtual colors for long hours. This not only affects their vision, but it is also altering their IQ and brain capacities. It is necessary to disconnect children from the virtual world and take them out into the real world.

It is widely known the effects of the sea for physical and mental health, from its healing properties to improve respiratory conditions (asthma, cough, etc). As well as the elimination of toxins, cleanse the skin, the large intestine and even purify the energies.

It also helps to improve cases of anxiety, stress, worries and other disorders of the nervous system.

Surfing for kids

These have been 3 great benefits of surfing for kids, remember that surfing is presented as an excellent option against sedentary lifestyle in children (and not so much). The ideal is to encourage children to practice sports.

The whole family can participate and make this a wonderful space for everyone. We offer incredible Surfcamps for all surfing levels, you can come and learn with Las Dunas.

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