Surf and Yoga Retreats: The best option to reconnect with us and nature.


Surf and Yoga Retreats: The best option to reconnect with us and nature.

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Surf and Yoga Retreats offer an opportunity to reconnect with nature and with ourselves.
In the current congested we live, we have little time to go to natural spaces to enjoy a detox, which is why more and more people who love surfing and yoga decide to make retreats to these spaces.

Surf and yoga retreats

Taking a break from the daily monotony and going to a surf and yoga retreat is the best option to find again the physical, mental and emotional balance, which we are sadly leaving aside.

Surf and Yoga Retreats

At Las Dunas Surf Resort, we offer the possibility of enjoying not only one of the best beaches for surfing in Nicaragua, Aposentillo beach. But we also offer the possibility of doing yoga in these unique natural spaces.

Yoga and surfing?

The word Yoga means Union, between the body and the mind, between us and the environment. Surfing requires being fully aware of ourselves and what surrounds us, in order to be one with nature and enjoy the waves.

It is for this reason that surfing and yoga interpenetrate and make synergy. Being yoga that contributes much more to surfing, thanks to its postures and breathing exercises.

Mind-body-soul balance:

Much is said about the importance of mental health, but we do little to really balance it. That is why a surf and yoga retreat is the best option to disconnect from the busy world and feel ourselves again.


The practice of Yoga is made up of 3 parts: The Asanas, that is, the exercises. Pranayamas, which are breaths and meditation. Practicing and improving these three aspects will notably increase our surfing skills.

Benefits of yoga when surfing:

There are numerous physical benefits that yoga brings to surfing, among which we highlight better balance, increased flexibility, greater coordination and strength.

Not to mention that the natural environment increases our feeling of peace, happiness and improves our mood.

Meditation and concentration:

Yoga practice improves awareness, perception, and concentration. Aspects that help us find calm in stressful situations at sea. At the same time, by improving calm, we breathe better and we can perform better at surfing.

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Surf and Yoga in Las Dunas Our facilities are in a tropical paradise in Central America, a privileged location to visit and practice both surfing and yoga.

We invite you to learn more about this in our Surfcamps, where a group of experts will help you enjoy the sea in the best way.

Likewise, in RETREATS you can learn about our range of offers to enjoy surfing and yoga and other activities. We invite you to meet us and enjoy the Las Dunas experience.