The Surfer’s Ear: Tips to avoid this frequent annoyance in surfing.

The surfer's ear

The Surfer’s Ear: Tips to avoid this frequent annoyance in surfing.

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The Surfer’s Ear is a fairly common annoyance in the surfing world. In this post we will talk a little about what it is and how you can avoid it.

The surfer’s Ear

This discomfort is called Exostosis, but as usual among surfers it became popularly known as the surfer’s ear.

A fairly common ailment, which consists of the growth of one of the bones that is in the ear canal.

The surfer's ear

This bone increases its size due to contact with cold water or wind at low temperatures for long periods of time.

It is a benign disease, but it causes the ear canal to narrow until it even closes. It not only happens to surfers, but also to those who practice skiing, kayaking, or water sports in general.

In Surfcamps, it is usually explained about this discomfort and others that usually afflict surfers.

What discomforts does it cause?

Exostosis causes: discomfort in the area, pain and infections, which if not treated, lead to possible acute otitis.

This is due to the ease with which the water enters the ear due to the force of the waves.

What should we do?

The feeling of having your “ears full of water” is quite uncomfortable, trying to remove this water is somewhat complex.

Given this “surfer’s ear”, it is common to see surfers shake their heads while jumping out of the water, causing the water to be expelled by sudden movements.

If the ear canal is almost closed, it will be very difficult to achieve it, that is why this annoyance is not a game.

This and many more things are taught in the Surf School, where qualified personnel can help you with tips to prevent and avoid it.

What if the water doesn’t come out? If the ear canal is empty, the only option to alleviate the problem is the operating room.

Surgery is a complex procedure that in many cases cannot be performed.

Tips to prevent The Surfer’s Ear:

The best advice we can give you is prevention, it is the best way to avoid suffering this discomfort.

Take care of our ears so that, as much as possible, no water enters them or the wind at low temperatures.

The best ally is called ear plugs, and the more airtight they are, the better it will be. These plugs are made to measure, since each ear is different, so that they can only be removed by your hand and do not fall off on their own.

Conventional earplugs do not usually fit well and fall off on their own, so we recommend making them to suit you, in this way a barrier is guaranteed to prevent water from entering the ears.

How do I know if I already have exostoses?

This pathology is very peculiar, since it depends on people, some develop it in a short time and others can surf their entire lives without ever suffering from it.

The best way to know if the ear canal has been exposed, is of course, go to the doctor and have a check-up to know the state of the ear bones and to know if the ear canal is affected or not.

Where can I learn more about surfing?

In the Surf Classes we give in Las Dunas Surf Resort, a great surf school located on the beautiful beach of Aposentillo, Nicaragua.

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