The Route of the 7 Beaches It is the name by which the area in which we are located since 2015 is called.

The 7 beautiful and natural beaches give name to a region that is characterized by having merged and managed to coexist nature, the rural community and the most exclusive tourism in Nicaragua.

Visiting and wanting to return to this area of ​​Central America will be a unique experience. The natural beauty, totally virgin without material, social or commercial contamination, will make you remember your stay in this area of ​​Nicaragua as one of the most beautiful in contact with Nature and authentic people.

The Route of the 7 Beaches is considered the safest area of ​​the Nicaraguan coast, which is already the safest country for tourism in the Central American region.

In the area you can find Volcanoes, Beaches, Esteros, Deserted Islands, Rivers, Ravines, and fishing villages, artisans, naturists and all kinds of happy people who like to talk, sing, dance and laugh with the authentic warmth of those who know how to do friends and value other people – neighbors as family.

In addition, in the Route of the 7 Beaches you can develop many activities: Surf, Kayak, Sun and Beach, Turtle nesting Observatory, sport fishing, Treking, Trekking in Cosigüina and San Cristobal volcanoes, guided visits to the Camaroneras, etc …